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  1. Zeenat57

    Zeenat57 New Member

    Bohra Laosi Recipe By Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee
    This is Bohri Laosi

    Photos of Bohra Laosi 2.

    [​IMG] Ingredients:
    • 1/2 kg rice
    • 1 pao jaggery
    • 3/4 cardamoms

    [​IMG] Cooking Directions:
    1. Cook rice till little unfinished. Remember to add salt.
    2. Make chashni of jaggery and add cardamom
    3. Pour chashni of jaggery over rice and cook on low fire(dum) till fully cooked.
    4. Eat with daal and cachumber

    Tried out this Recipe? Let us know how you liked it? :)
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  2. Zeenat57

    Zeenat57 New Member

    Photos of Bohra Laosi.
    Photos of Bohra Laosi 3.

    I started writing an art I inherited from my late father Ahmed Jivanjee a well known writer of Karachi. I started of by writing stories and letters to the editor but as I got more involved with my housework I shifted to recipes which I inherited from my mom, mom-in-law and aunts. I was motivated to do my housework even more when my recipes were acclaimed.

    I would love it for my recipes to be uploaded on Pakistan.web.pk, especially my Bohra recipes the community I belong to.

    Zeenat iqbal hakimjee
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  3. Veer

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  4. Mahsa

    Mahsa Super Star Pakistani

    This is sweet Dish Zeenat ??? Zarda type ?
  5. Noor-e-Kainat

    Noor-e-Kainat Account Closed

    Woww thags look so nice in pic .... In real it must be very tasty and delicious
    Keep sharing with us your all recipes .... we love it