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    Boxing star Amir Khan offers to pay for life-saving treatment for a 7-year-old Pakistani boy whose eye is engulfed by an enormous tumour


    Boxing superstar Amir Khan has come to the rescue and is offering to pay for life-saving treatment for a seven-year-old Pakistani boy whose life is in danger from an enormous tumour.

    Just yesterday, the former world champion took to his official Facebook page to ask for more information about Ali Hassan, whose mass appears to be spreading quickly, after reading about his plight on MailOnline.

    And it can be revealed today that Mr Khan has spoken to Ali's father Muhammad Mansha and told him that he will help find and pay for surgery to remove the gruesome lump through his charitable foundation.

    The Bolton-born boxer, who takes pride in his Pakistani heritage, told his four million Facebook followers: 'I just spoke to his father in Pakistan and told them Amir Khan Foundation will help.'


    The heartwarming post attracted more than 11,000 likes and the star was inundated with hundreds of comments from emotional strangers who were also keen to help in any way they could.
    The Amir Khan Foundation was set-up in 2014 and was designed to help youngsters from the poorest parts of the world by providing them with schools and clean drinking water.
    But Mr Khan has since branched out after reading about Ali, who is from a remote village in the eastern region of Pakistan, being unable to see out of his right eye due to the neuroblastoma.

    Mr Mansha, 38, who earns less than £3 a day, had desperately appealed for the treatment of his son in Lahore where resources aren't as limited before the boxer's generous donation.
    He said: 'Amir Khan assured us of all sort of financial help. He told me that he will also visit us. We are hopeful that our son can have a normal life now.'

    Ali's mass on his right eye began to form when he was just four months old.
    Despite taking him to see several doctors as a toddler, they were left baffled as to what had caused the growth.
    Earlier this year he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer - which affects fewer than 100 children in the UK each year.

    The tumour appears to growing at an alarming rate, with it noticeably affecting his nose and mouth, suggesting he finds it difficult to talk.
    Anwer Ahmed, Amir Khan's manager, said: 'I am regularly visiting the boy in hospital on direction of Amir Khan.

    'We are waiting for medical reports. If his treatment is not possible here or in any other hospital in Pakistan, we will take him to any foreign country where medical facilities are much better and advanced.

    'Amir Khan has told me to be with the family and keep him updated.'
    The family reside in the Pakpattan district of the Punjab province - around 129 miles (207km) from Lahore. ​

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    Good, sometimes one has to wonder where all these millionaires are when you see cases like this, so happy he has stood up to be counted, gone up in my books. I could not even look at the other article featured in the DM, it scared me to my core!
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    OMG.. Allah is bache ko sehat de. ameen.
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    @Veer Ameen sum Ameen
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