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  • Asad Rehman
  1. Bewafa duniya sari

    Bewafa duniya sari New Member

    As we have seen nowadays not only in other foreign countries but in Pakistan this thing is rising... who in your views is responsible for the "Separation"??

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  2. Emma Dil

    Emma Dil Super Star Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff Baby Names Staff

    It is not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.
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  3. M.Imran

    M.Imran Well-Known Pakistani

    i think d reason is lack of Patience and Tolerance,and having a lot of Ego.
  4. erum shahzadi

    erum shahzadi Popular Pakistani

    i think lack of understanding between a couple is responsible for separation.. if both understand each other in every kinda situation separation would never takes place among them.. where there is understanding all those things like love, tolerance, patience developed automatically..!
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  5. Bewafa duniya sari

    Bewafa duniya sari New Member

  6. pary

    pary New Member

    I Think main reason is lack of respect,trust.because with out trust,repect life a torment.trust is the first stair of all realation
    specially in marriage life i think its main reason.
  7. Snaya

    Snaya Popular Pakistani

    main reason for seperation is lack of respect and beleive on each other
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  8. Ahmad.Hassan8690

    Ahmad.Hassan8690 Well-Known Pakistani

    Lack of understanding, respect, tolerance are the big reasons. One's ego could be the factor.
  9. Arooj Sadiq

    Arooj Sadiq Well-Known Pakistani

    marriage itself:p
    to be serious i think it is due to lot of expectations and lack of tolerance
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  10. diya rizvi

    diya rizvi Well-Known Pakistani

    bcoz expectations exceed in this relation.