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  1. Kool Kat

    Kool Kat Popular Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    @Luca can I ask you why only Pakistani girl if you don't mind?
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  2. Diya Hassan

    Diya Hassan New Member I Love Reading

  3. Diya Hassan

    Diya Hassan New Member I Love Reading

    @Luca....if u are learning Islam it's very good but if u will get satisfy by each n everything n then u will accept Islam n will b a muslim it's a little long process...after be a muslim u can marry pakistani muslim girl.your one question is government culture rules etc...the answer is in pakistan to marry a muslim girl u need only two approvals one from girl's parents n other from the girl(bride) nothing else is important...if u are muslim u have good moral values n u r earning enough that u can give a good n peaceful family life to your wife then u can contact a marriage beuro or cn give an add in newspaper these are very common ways to search for life partner in pakistan now a days...(but it's only my personal thinking)
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  4. Rimsha Gulzar

    Rimsha Gulzar Well-Known Pakistani I Love Reading

  5. Mr.Hammad

    Mr.Hammad Popular Pakistani

    @Luca ,, when u enter in islam , after that u see the ways whats the right or wrong, after accepting and understanding the islam i think u haven't need help from every one because after that ALLAH is ur guardian to show u a right way.. here u listen many comments, may be you confused. but when you understand the islam hope you will get the satisified answers of your all questions...
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  6. L

    Luca New Member

    Thanks my brothers and sisters.
    Well, i dont know why i falt in love with Pakistan. Or better, i have just seen sometimes some pakistani women with their families and i dont know what is happened inside me. I started to interesting in Pakistan and Islam religion. I've never cared about them in my life...

    You told me nice thing: i need to wait Allah's guide. But can He change the mind of people? If Pakistani women are going to marry only Pakistani men (because of their culture, because of they taste, because of their families...), what can He do? He cant "force" anyone.
    And i think that maybe He has to think about more important things: in this moment a lot ot poor and ill children are praying Him .... why does He should care about my sentimental situation?
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  7. Kool Kat

    Kool Kat Popular Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    @Luca Allah sees everything. HE cares about the poor and ill, rich and healthy, good and bad. HE listens prayers of everybody. Anyone who calls HIM, HE listen and respond (although in differnt ways).
    For example; poor needs HIM to get better life (either with money or anything else needed), ill people wants good health to pray for, may be some rich people want some peace or gift of baby, and same as you need something to HIM
    HE listens every prayer but the BASIC & IMPORTANT thing is to BELIEVE.
    Just believe that HE listens you. Just call HIM with bottom of your heart and with your soul. HE cares about you. HE loves you 70 times more than mothers. You are important for HIM but just BELIEVE.

    Now i will talk about pakistani marriage.
    Dont worry it is not done that they marry their daughters only within pakistan. Many daughters marry to the guys lived in abroad.

    And trust me...... HE can change minds, just continue your prayers and Believe. :)

    Feel free to ask anything
    Wish you best of luck.
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  8. L

    Luca New Member

    Thanks a lot Kool Kat! I really appreciate your interesting on my situation.
    I've got a lot of questions about Pakistani people (especially pakistani girls, it's logic, no?) and Islam culture. I dont know if i can write in this forum all my questions, i dont wanna bored you, i dont know if i can talk about some "delicate" topic.

    Do you have got some facebook group or something like that where we can keep always in contact?
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  9. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    How about starting different threads on different topics? :)

    See if that follow Rules and Posting Guidelines!

    we have our official Fb page/group but we can keep always in contact at Pakistan Social Web
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  10. Kool Kat

    Kool Kat Popular Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    Feel free to ask any question. Just make sure that it would not insulting or hurting for any one.
    Yes we can be always in contact on this forum
    We all are here as family and now u r also a part of it.
    So you can ask anything, u can clear ur mind and ask any question, i will try my best to satisfy u. :)

    Remember me in prayers
    Stay Blessed always
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