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    Countless individuals might still be clueless about the polling stations, where they are supposed to go and caste their votes in general elections 2018.

    If you are one of those, who don’t know about your designated polling station then here is a simple process of knowing details about your polling station via SMS.
    • Write an SMS
    • Type your CNIC (without dashes)
    • Send this SMS to 8300
    Soon, you will get a response from ECP with all the details about your polling station. Response from 8300 comes from ECP in Urdu language, with all details about your polling station. In above reply, CNIC is mentioned at first then the block code – used by ECP to record your vote – and then the name of your polling station.
    • The SMS has your constituency number mentioned as well.
    • You can send SMS to 8300 multiple times with different CNIC numbers (of your family members for example) to know polling station details of various CNIC holders.
    • You probably need to check details about your polling stations at earliest, because this service will not be available if mobile phone services get suspended on election day.
    • It merits mentioning here that response from 8300 might get little delayed due to huge traffic. In such situations don’t send the SMS again, instead wait for the reply from 8300 for few minutes before you make a new request.
    Go and send an SMS to 8300 to know your polling station right away!
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