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  1. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani

    Dar e Dil Novel by Nabeela Aziz Latest 29th Episode - March 2013

    Here (in this thread) you'll be able to read latest 29th Episode of Social Romantic Urdu Novel Dar e Dil
    Written by famous Pakistani writer Nabeela Aziz

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  2. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani

  3. Emma Dil

    Emma Dil Super Star Pakistani

    i'm waiting anxiously...
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  4. Wanderer

    Wanderer Star Pakistani

    what can i say.. :S ye to khtm hi nhe horaha. bhai jaldi sy upload kreye ga please!

    oh yad aya.. ik copy meri huii :D:D ;)
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  5. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani

    Yeah, why not.. very well written novel by Nabeela Aziz :smile:
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  6. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani

    lol :tongue:

    maybe is bar khatm ho hi jaye :rolleyes2: sure i will do it asap
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  7. Emma Dil

    Emma Dil Super Star Pakistani

    zyada intezar is leye hai kyun ke mein last few months se yeh novel parh nahi pa rahi thi, lekin ab mein ne iski previous sari episodes parh li hain. ab bs jaldi se next episode aa jaye :happy:
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  8. Wanderer

    Wanderer Star Pakistani

    JazakALLAH! :D

    hope fullly :)
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  9. ruksana

    ruksana Popular Pakistani

    Are u sure this a last episode.... I don't want this novel to end:((
  10. amnakhan

    amnakhan New Member

    when will you upload?????is this be the last one?????