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  1. MaryamRizvi

    MaryamRizvi New Member

    i need dar edil download link other than readers.pk
  2. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Staff Member

    this is something we have decided not to do. but u can still download the digest in pdf format.
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  3. ruksana

    ruksana Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

    veer .. tons of tnx .. awesome episode -- "if u leave apart the love grows more" i am wating to read how alizay going to miss dilawar and start loving him:) feel very sad for dilawar-- crying:( and also its seems this book going end soon :(
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  4. Saniakhan92

    Saniakhan92 New Member

    thanks a lot for this post. i was waiting for this. thanks once again. :)
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  5. Saniakhan92

    Saniakhan92 New Member

    and yes episode was so exciting and love to read. alizy and dil aawar are my favourite
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  6. Wanderer

    Wanderer Star Pakistani Staff Member

    haha yaqeenan :p now ill ask about feb one :D :p awsomeeeee work bro! as always! :)
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  7. z

    zar121 New Member

    If u had undrrstood th storyline u wouldn't be saying such thing! this story is meant for alizay n dil awar!