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    After Mother's Death


    In late teen or early adulthood, it’s normal part of growth and development and normal part of separation from your parents to begin to think about their mortaility as well as your own. At this period of life, we start having families, we are working away from home, we are in collages and universities; and we begin to think about our childhood and not being at home. What’s behind is missing that parental connection as well as realizing that death is inevitable.There is no way getting away from it. From Allah (swt) we came, and to Him (swt) we return.
    In this realization, oftentimes, the fear of losing our parents can become a mental health issue, an anxiety that we think about on a daily basis. It is usually normal and taken in a context. Sometimes, it is an opportunity to increase our imaan (faith), to draw closer to Allah (swt), to learn more about Islam and Allah’s (swt) plans for us, in sha’ Allah.


    A mother's death is an irreparable loss, but the order of Creations according to the wisdom of Allah SWT, demands that every living creature should one day leave this world.
    One should remain contented and submit to the will of Allah and his own destiny. But there are certain duties that children must perform after their mother's death if they desire their own happiness.
    In other words, the right of parents does not cease with their death, and this right must be observed by their children after the death of their parents.
    The Fifth Imam says: "An offspring may be benevolent to his parents during their life time, but he may not repay his debt to them after they die, nor pray for their salvation, and forget them altogether. In such a case, this offspring will be included by God in the category of those who misbehave towards their parents"
    What can be concluded from these and other Islamic narrations is that if a father or a mother has incurred a debt, their offspring should make an effort to repay this debt and pray for their salvation.
    He should offer alms in their name, feed a needy person to gladden their soul, take care of and caress an orphan, and perform similar charitable acts. The reward of such deeds will be given to the parents as well as their children and God will bless and favour them for such benevolent and charitable deeds.


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    @Asad Rehman bhai, Aap ki walida ki maghfirat k liye dua go hoon, Allah swt unhein Jannat ul firdous may aala muqaam ataa farmaye. Aur dua hai Allah swt aap ko sabr e jameel ataa farmaye, ameen.

    Jitna bara nuqsan hai yeh dunya k lafz chotay par jatay hein. Allah aur uskay Rasool saw k baad is dunya may jo sab say azeem hasti hai woh sirf Maa hai aur phir baap hai. Maa k baghair dunya aik werana hai. Aap nay unki jitni khidmat ki aap khush qismat aur sa'adat mand hein, Allah qabool farmaye ga aur sabr ataa karay ga. Is dukh aur gham k waqt may ham sab aap k sath hein. Allah say aap k liye himmat hoslay aur sabr ki dua hai.
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    Ameen Sum Ameen...your words make me fall crying....
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    @Falak Jazak Allah khair duaon k liye bohat zaroorat he duaon ki Ameen sum ameen

    Mujhay smjh nahi aa rahi kia likhon kia kahon basss itnay saal iss forum pay guzaray hen to family jesa feel hota he yahan Allah ap sab par apna khaas karam farmaye Ameen
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    @Veer bbai bass smjh len k meri rooh bhi ami k sath he chali gae
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    @Saad Sheikh

    Saad bhai ap ka har harf sach he ap ki duaon pay Ameen
    Mujhay apni feelings ko biyan kernay K liye shayed kabhi lafz na milein

    Meray nahi khial k iss bara sadma or nuqsan bhi koi ho skta he
    Dua kerin k Allah karim hamein sabar Ata farmaye Ameen
    Saad bhai ab delhta hun peechay to lagta he kuch bhi nahi kar pya Ami k liye ,

    Bass esa lg raha he kahin jungle men gum ho gia hun can’t explain bro
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    @Asad Rehman Losing a parent is a very difficult & painful time in one’s life, even as an adult.....I feel your agony, In reading your posts, I understand that the ache of losing a mother never really goes away; it just ebbs and flows. But the love for our mothers keeps their memory at the forefront of our minds every day....This is a hole that will never be repaired. This is an ache that will never heal....I live with that terrible ache also...
    Time will pass by and the pain would lessen..... Be patient .... And do lots of prayers as the prayer of this time that you are passing by are accepted. inshallah. May Allah ease your pain...
    May Allah ease your pain. have patience, Our lord has mercy of 70 mothers. just imagine 70 mothers. He cares about us a lot rather than we can ever understand.

    May He give your mother a peaceful sleep and protect her from all the punishments of the grave . Be firm in your prayers , and include this dua

    .رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِى صَغِيرًا
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