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    What is Dengue fever in Urdu. How to avoid Dengue fever. What is the Symptoms, Treatment and Precautions of dengue fever and how dengue Virus spread.
    Dengue fever caused by specific specie of female mosquito is prevailing speedily these days in Pakistan especial in Punjab. The very first dengue patient was victimized in Karachi in 1994, and from onward this ailment started to prevail in the whole of Pakistan.
    Lahore Schools And Colleges Closed For 10 Days Due To Dengue Fever

    Dengue is basically a tropical disease whose germs were initially imported from America to Karachi. For more details about the symptoms, treatment and precautions of Dengue, consult to the follow suggested Urdu article.
    Video Urdu Report ‘What Is Dengue Fever’
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    To prevent from dengue fever we must take all precautionary measures.