Difference between Wazifa and Dua?

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    AoA friends.
    I want to ask you: which is the difference between wazifa and dua?
    I didnt know about the first one, i'd like to know more....
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    Wazifa is recitation of any dua which is practiced regularly (sometime for a specific period of time, e.g. for three, seven or forty days, and/or regularly without any specific time). Dua is a recitation to Allah for one time, like we do after our prayer or at any time.

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    To fulfil our desires we pray, make Dua. But sometimes when we don't get these needs, we recite Wazifa. Reciting a verse of Quran or any recommended Dua for a particular period of time or a particular number is called Wazifa.
    E.g: Wazifa for marriage/job/any wish etc
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