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Novel Dil e Muztar by Aliya Bukhari

Discussion in 'Pakistan Digital Library' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Veer, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. p

    parishaykhan New Member

    i m also searching for this

  2. I

    IANsane New Member

    DeM is not a novel but a fresh script. Aliya bukhari herself mentioned it on her official faceebook page as visible in the screenshot below

    Attached Files:

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  3. malik tariq

    malik tariq New Member

    plz send me the link of dil; e muzter
  4. malik tariq

    malik tariq New Member

    can u share the link of dil e muzter wid me?
  5. m

    mahnoor769 New Member

    I also want to read this novel? ?can anyone help me for that
  6. Veer

    Veer Super Star Pakistani

    Thank you.

    I have added this info in my first post for everyone looking for the novel.

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  7. mattiya

    mattiya New Member

    kisi ke pass ye novel hai tou plz uska link bhej dae
  8. Hafsa

    Hafsa Super Star Pakistani

    This is not a novel, its a script :) please read the above post by Veer and check the first post
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  9. a

    asssh New Member

    plzz share the link of this script:tongue:
  10. Veer

    Veer Super Star Pakistani

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