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Dreams Of You

Discussion in 'Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat Kaddah' at Pakistan.web.pk started by rubPzai, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. rubPzai

    rubPzai Popular Pakistani

    Dreams Of You

    Last night I lay alone in bed,
    and wondered what to do.
    As sleep possessed my weary head,
    my dreams all turned to you...

    I saw the sparkle in your eye,
    and an impish little grin.
    My breath became a raged sigh,
    that's how dreams of you begin...

    On sandy shores of a crystal lake,
    walking snuggled close together.
    I pray to the gods "don't let me wake",
    wishing dreams would last forever...

    How I long to hold you in my arms,
    let you never leave my sight.
    My heart's been captured by your charms,
    you make my soul seem lite...

    Each moment that we spend apart,
    just makes me sad and blue.
    Yet sweet feelings deep inside my heart,
    send me whistful dreams of you...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.