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    Dubai International Peace Convention 2014



    Peace on a personal and a global scale is the need of every individual and creation that exists around us and the same is sought for human success and progress. Bringing everyone on the same level of understanding about peace can inculcate pure thoughts that reflect in an individual’s personality – this convention thus aims towards enlightening the people of the world with the knowledge endowed to us by the one God who defined, created, and elaborated what peace really is and the means to achieve it. Unlike any other conference that would target a particular segment – this convention invites people from all walks of life and different beliefs to opens the doors of opportunity to benefit from the Divine Creator’s message of guidance meant for making this world a better place to live together in Peace.

    The Dubai International Peace Convention (DIPC) is an annual conference focusing on peace and stability in the world.

    The conference aims to provide education to the people that are able to promote peace, harmony and understanding in light of the Quran.

    Moreover, DIPC honors those who have contributed to world peace, promotes dialogue between different religions and encourages initiatives in global

    For Info : Dubai International Peace Convention

    : Dubai International Peace Convention | Facebook



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