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    Egg Chaat, Kabuli Chaat, Spinach Cheesy Pasta Recipe, Food Diaries with Zarnak Sidhwa Full High Quality Hum Masala 2nd July 2015

    • Masala TV show Food Diaries features cooking expert Zarnak Sidhwa.

      Zarnak Sidhwa, a professional caterer and passionate home cook, invites viewers to learn her down to earth recipes in Food diaries. Zarnak Sidhwa shows how cooking her personal style of Pakistani, American, Italian, Chinese and Indian food can be elegant and yet approachable. Enjoy unique family specialties like steak royal, strawberry cheesecake pots, Aloo Paneer pops and home made donuts with cinnamon.

      Today's Recipe Menu:
      Egg Chaat, Kabuli Chaat, Spinach Cheesy Pasta

      Schedule & Timing: At : 19:00-20:00 Every : Monday - Friday

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