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    It is authentically known that the Fitbit company aimed at own smart watches. This was stated by the company's CEO, James Park, reporting on the financial performance of Fitbit for the 4th quarter of 2016.

    The general director is confident that the company will be able to offer consumers everything that is now required from smart watches: style, thoughtful functionality with a focus on fitness and health.

    Many are confident that the company will follow the path of creating a replica of a Pebble or Vector watch. In the end, not for nothing that Fitbit swallowed two well-known company producing smart watches. Although according to experts, the company is not interested in creating a clone of Pebble and Vector watches, no matter how amazing they are.

    On the contrary, the company set its sights on something completely different. Moreover, according to representatives of the manufacturer, Pebble watches were not considered by them as the basis or basis for creating a new citizen devices rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/citizen/ at all. They also expressed doubts that they would use some Pebble developments.

    Former Director of Vector, Joe Santana, expressed his conviction that Fitbit would take over the design and stylistic component of Vector. The former director of the absorbed company spoke in favor of developing new watches based on Vector.

    After all, according to insider sources, Fitbit set out to beat the Apple Watch with their weighty application in every sense. Moreover, it seems that this decision did not arise momentarily, because the Apple Watch is a serious contender. Therefore, Fitbit decided to demonstrate its full potential to its rivals. So, it has already acquired a decent package of developments and programs of well-known players in the market of wearable electronics. And just developments and non-standard software solutions are the main reason for the acquisition of small producers of smart electronics by such a player as Fitbit. It is understandable, because the goal is global in scope. And the goal, as you know, justifies the means ...

    Another insider source states: “Pebble has advanced experience in the production of wearable electronics. Fitbit is likely to introduce Pebble software innovations into its ecosystem.”

    Fitbit smart watches were expected back in January at CES 2016, but, instead, the public was presented the Fitbit Blaze, another fitness tracker with a display that has a slight resemblance to a smart watch. The absence of the promised "killer Apple Watch" at the exhibition resulted in a wave of criticism of the company Fitbit, which led to a sharp decrease in demand for the company's shares. Thus, the value of Fitbit shares fell by 18%, reaching a record low of 12.48 US dollars per share. And in September 2016, the company's stock was trading at a price slightly higher than $ 5.fitness tracker sports bracelet

    But it didn’t worry much about James Park. He consistently pushes on the development of the wearable technology market, in which the company intends to not only invest financially but also intellectually. It seems that he does not finish speaking to the public. Let's hope that the smart watch from Fitbit will meet our expectations.
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    @Evan2 I brought a Fitbit ionic when it first came out 2 years ago, and i,m very happy with it, although It’s a high price tag for a smartwatch.... You’ll get everything you’d expect from a Fitbit, including tracking of Steps, Distance, Calories burned, Floors Climbed and Active Minutes, as well as automatic Sleep and Activity Tracking. Reminders to Move help get you off your bottom at least once an hour (in the daytime!) for 250 steps.....
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