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Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key

Discussion in 'Discussion on Serious Topics' at Pakistan.web.pk started by fawad afzal, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key

    In the month of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)’s birth Geo TV bring the programs that highlight the every aspects of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) personality that is an essential prerequisite for a true practicing Muslim. It is among the foundation of Islam to remain associated with Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) and His (SAWW) lineage.
    As in Muslim:
    “Allah purified and chose Kinana out of all descendants of Isma’eel and He chose Quraish from among children of Kinana and He chose from Quraish, Banu Hashim, and He chose from amongst Banu Hashim, me.”

    In the program AJDAD MERE RASOOL KE (SAWW), Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain shares his intellectual insight towards the Holy lineage of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). As this is the only noble lineage that was, is and always will remain known to mankind. Yet this is among the greatest miracle of Allah (SWT). In this program the noble lineage of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) shared in a systematical way to transfer knowledge to Muslim Ummah. Thus, to seek the knowledge of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) lineage is among the mandatory element to lead a life as true and successful Muslim.

    Abdul Hameed Rabbani and Hamza Ali Qadri share their knowledge to convey the saying (Hadiths) of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) especially to Kids to keep themselves equip with religious knowledge. In order to understand the message of Islam, it is first necessary to acquaint ourselves with the messenger of Islam (SAWW). The manners, ethics, dispositions and morals of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) are the true guidance to entire humanity.

    The religious message will convey in polite and most humble way as the audience will comprises of young minds. The purpose of the program is to cultivate the noble traits of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) so that a path remains clear to be followed. Moreover, Batain Mere Rasool (SAWW) Ki are the necessary element and even the demand of present era.

    Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) is role model for the individuals to lead a contempt life. Either as a Son or Husband, Father or Brother, His (SAWW) personality is fruitful to guide and provide practical aspect of truthfulness. The program Rehmat Mere Rasool (SAWW) Ki on Geo TV narrates the various role played by Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) in different walk of life. Uzma Alkarim as host along with Dr. Fareeda as religious scholar participate in program to discuss the incidents, narrations, hadees, saying of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). Especially, the preaching of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) towards the women and children focused in the program.

    Every part of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) body was the source of blessing; his hands, feet, hairs, saliva, everything which touch His SAWW body i.e. His cloths, sandals, bowl , stick even His sight are still source of blessings. Program named Barkaat Mere Rasool SAWW ki in the month of Rabi Ul Awal on Geo TV highlights incidents and miracles which associated with the noble personality of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). Additionally, Mohammed Naeem, the host of program, share the blessings and miracles that occurred either through his body or afterwards.

    Holy Quran is the last book revealed on the messenger of Allah Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) which is the true lighted way towards success in both worlds. Abdul Qadir as a host of program named Quran Main Shan Mere Rasool SAWW Ki elaborate those verses which highlight the true status of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). Infact, the Quran forces the Muslims to seek guidance from Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). Abdul Qadir , provide thorough insight of our beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)’s personality as we get it from Holy Quran.

    Rahman Ka Raheem, unfold the different aspect of life from Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)’s Seerat. This Rabiulawal along with other programs, one of the programs will be based on the Seerat-un-Nabi (SAWW). This program is a discussion based program where renowned personalities from all walks of life will participate and highlight the significant characteristics of Mohammed (saw) personality. There will be 12 episodes and every episode will have a different topic which will cover the bright aspects of Rasool Allah (SAWW) personality.

    The role of Naat khuans to describe the affection towards Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) is yet known to all of us. The program, Sukhanwar Mery Rasool Kay, determine the measures to take during expressing love in poetic form to Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). How to recite, write, history of naat in Pakistan, does and don’ts will be discussed in the program. Additionally, renowned Naat Khuans will share their experiences and explain the steps to be taken while paying homage to Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).Mian Mahmood, in his program Sana Khawan Mere Rasool SAWW Ke, interview renowned Naat Khuans in his program on Geo TV. The core aim of the program is to pay respect those Naat Khuans who dedicated their lives in this noble work. The four most famous and renowned Naat Khawans will be interview, names are as followed..

    1. Saeed Hashmi

    2. Siidique Ismail

    3. Muniba Sheikh

    The path created and followed by Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) is the path of perfection eternal success. Naheed Abrar, in her program on Geo TV focuses on USWA HASSANAH of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). There is no doubt that our Prophet Mohemmed (saww) was the paradigm of excellent manners, beautiful characteristics and traits which no one else comprehensively possessed. Even His enemies called Him with respectable names as “SADIQ”- truth speaking person. He never showed rough and negative attitudes to His enemies. Forgiviness and promise keeping were the attributes that He kept throughout His entire life. In this scenario, His traits are exemplary for all the Muslims and we should follow his attributes.

    Midhat Mere Rasool Ki, hosted by Shaista Wahidi provides a firm platform to female Naat Khuans to show their affection and homage towards Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). 12th of Rabbi ul Awal is commemorated and celebrated every year with religious warmness through the entire Muslim Ummah. On Geo TV Mahfil-e-Milads are going to be held to celebrate such honorable day.

    The celebration of the birth of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) is even celebrated wholeheartedly by Kids too. In program Zikar Mery Rasool Ka, held a millad for kids and by kids to recite Holy Quran, do speeches and narrate naats to pay homage and show love to the last messenger of Allah Almighty i.e. Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).

    In the documentary Dar-o- Dewaar Mere Rasool (SAWW) ke, those places will be focused which are greatly associated with the own personality of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). Among those places Madinah Munawarah get the most weightage. Medina is the second holy city of Islam, after Mecca. This place is also blessed as the here Muhammad SAWW is buried. It is the place where Mohammad SAWW migrated when He driven out of Mecca and termed as “THE CITY OF PROPHET.”

    Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) himself is a great blessing and mercy of Allah Almighty on human kind. In Andaaz Mere Rasool SAWW ke, actors, players, politicians, writers highlight the traits, saying, actions and narrations of His tremendous examples of brotherhood, justice, manners, ethics and forgiveness.

    Each name of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) possesses distinguish property that revitalize heart, mind and spirit. In Meethay Naam Meary Rasool Kay, 99 names of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) will be recited with meanings highlighted through animation and graphics.In Tehat-ul-Lafz, Five famous personalities will recite the verses from Musadis-e-Hali which are said to pay the homage to our noble Prophet Mohammed (SAWW).

    The doings called Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) must be told to children especially the basics such as how to offer Salam, how to drink water, what should a Muslim do when he sneezes or what to reply when other sneezes. Thus, Sunnat Meray Rasool Ki comprises these and other Sunnats for children.

    Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain is also famous for reciting the Naats and Hamds which is appreciated and liked by thousands of viewers throughout the world. This Rabi ul Awal he will recite one Hamd and Naat, to pay whole hearted homage to Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).Jsahn-e-Subah-e-Bahara, the live transmission will be aired on 11th Rabi ul Awal hosted by Rizwan Siddiqui on Geo TV from Data Darbar, Lahore. Renowned scholars will present their Kalams including Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain and other famous religious scholars.

    Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key, will be a Live Transmission, start from the noon and continue till the night. Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain will be the host of this Live transmission, where he will invite scholars from all sects and celebrities and throw light on the different aspects of Mohammed (SAWW) life and his teachings. Renowned naat Khuans will also participate in the transmission.
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