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  1. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Staff Member

    Haalim novel episode 13 May 2018, Haalim novel by Nimra Ahmed, Haalim ep 13 read online, Haalim 13th episode reviews. Nimra Ahmed ka novel Haalim Khawateen digest May mein mulahiza farmayen :relieved face:

    The word Haalim is an Arabic word and it means "A Dreamer" (خواب دیکھنے والا)
    The title of 13th chapter of Haalim is ( وقت کے تین سوال - The Three Questions of Time).

    Episode 13 Sneak Peek

    Famous Pakistani Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed has started writting Haalim novel in Khawateen digest. She is very popular in females because of her unique writing style. We're here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 13th episode in Khawateen May 2018 edition.

    Rate and Review this Episode
    A review is always helpful for people to decide read a novel or not, Reading a good novel can be one of the life's greatest pleasures. Positive reviews encourage people to must read a good novel.

    Read online at Readers.pk
    Haalim Episode 13 | Read Online
    حالم ناول کی تیرھویں قسط پڑھنے کیلئے یہاں کلک کریں

    نمرہ احمد کی جانب سے دی گئی نئی قسط اپ لوڈ ہو گئی ہے


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  2. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Staff Member

  3. M

    Mrs Zeeshan Hussain New Member I Love Reading

  4. sehrish mumtaz

    sehrish mumtaz New Member I Love Reading

  5. sahrish khan

    sahrish khan Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

    waiting for Haalim ... kehn fyr tu nhi taliya ko pechli sadi main wPis bhj dy gae Nimra Ahmed g
  6. Ana Zai

    Ana Zai Super Star Pakistani Staff Member Baby Names Staff I Love Reading

    May b Ol Malaka se koi yAhn Jaye :D
  7. M

    Mrs Zeeshan Hussain New Member I Love Reading

    Nimra jee ny bs hmara dmgh ghumany ka berra otha rkha hy...
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  8. M

    Mrs Zeeshan Hussain New Member I Love Reading

    Nimra jee ny bs hmara dmgh ghumany ka berra otha rkha hy...
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  9. F

    Foziaishfaq New Member I Love Reading

    Jaldi karein or intezar nhi ho rha
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  10. Falak

    Falak Popular Pakistani

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