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    Hajira.....Azad Kashmir

    Village Near Hajira

    Hajira is a Tasil of Poonch district. Hajira is a valley and it is delimited by gorgeous green hills and beautiful villages. It is very graceful and attractive city. Total Population of Hajira and enclosed villages is almost Eighty Thousand (80,000). It is most nearest city from Indian occupied Kashmir. Poonch city (District of this city) is also occupied by India and only 5 KM far from this city.
    These are the Geo Coordinates of this city : 33° 46' 0" North, 73° 54' 0" East.

    Populace of Hajira face lot of evils in past because it is presence on border and Indian cross border aggression and attacks directly affect the people of Hajira and its attached population. Now because of Indo – Pak agreement, cross border attacks from India
    has been stopped and Hajira become a safe city. 2005 Earthquake also demolished 25 % part of this city but after the reconstruction and rehabilitation process, everything has come to be normal.
    The climate of Hajira Valley is comparability not too cold but the ambiance of all surrounded areas is typical Kashmiri. Normally in Kashmir due to low temperature most of the cities close in night time but because weather is in Hajira is not too cold, almost all
    hotels restaurants are open in night time.
    Hostility of public of Hajira is very exemplary. Latency rate of this city is almost sixty (60 %). Almost Seventy (70 %) way of earning of Hajira populace is foreign employment, Ten (10 %) are doing government services and rest are doing business. At least one person almost from each family is doing his job in foreign countries especially in Middle East, Europe, UK and .
    Seven union councils (Sarari, Bango, Phagwati, Gammer, Akhorban, Dawarandi and union council nar) attached with this city. The main villages are attached with this valley are: Narian, Kathiyara, Manjoura, Pothi Chapriyan, Uod Phagwati, Dwarandi, Gangil tar, Davi gali etc.
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