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Happy Labour Day 1st May 2013

Discussion in 'Social Events and Festivals' at Pakistan.web.pk started by inaya, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani


    The Labour Day is also known as May Day and International Worker’s Day and is celebrated in most of the countries on 1st May while in some countries on the first Sunday of September. It celebrates the social and economic achievements of the workers. Processions are carried out and various competitions are organized for the children associated with labor class by the labor organizations on this day. Some workers protests and rally on this day for their demands.

    Some useful Labor Day threads on Pakistan Web
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  2. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

  3. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

    Mazdoor Ki Ye Khawhish K Jald Ho Sansein Puri. . .

    Kahi Zindgi Ki Kashmakash Mein Kafan Mehnga Na Ho Jay. . .

    1st May Labor Day

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  4. Hareem

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  5. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

    G bilkul
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  6. Hareem

    Hareem Popular Pakistani

    Aap ne jaldi post kr dia is liy pucha...:)
    Anyways,,Superb Sharing....
    JAZAAK ALLAH for Tagging..:flower:
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  7. D

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    jazakallah , ,,, , ,, bohot acha keya malli ap ne jo ye post keya , , , great
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  8. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

    g biluk kal ko me free nai hun na islai pahlay wish kar dia.........
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  9. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

    Thnx :smile: :smile:
  10. Hareem

    Hareem Popular Pakistani

    Koi baat nhi..:) Good Work..:thumbs up:

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