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Head and shoulders

Discussion in 'Muskurahtein' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Falak, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Sardar shampoo ko sir k sath kandho pe bi laga rha tha.

    Wife ne pucha-
    Kandho pe shampoo kyu laga rahe ho?

    Jaahil, ganvar aurat, Bewakoof hi rahna zindagi bhar!
    Ye koi aam shampoo nahi.........
    Head & Shoulder hai!!!

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  2. Sajjal

    Sajjal Star Pakistani

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  4. Sajjal

    Sajjal Star Pakistani

    Bilkul...kuch b ho skta hai :giggle2: @Falak
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  5. Mishaikh

    Mishaikh Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

    Ba'at tu sardar ki theek hi hay, "Why the manufacturers name so that shampoo?"
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  6. @Mishaikh LOL I think Because dandruff falls from your hair onto your shoulders. or maybe...hmmm...I'm pretty sure they took it from the phrase "Head & Shoulders" in The Odyssey I think
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