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    iffat_Rahim. Iffat Rahim had not expected of landing up in the field of fashion, until one day one of the leading photographers saw one of her pictures from perhaps a school function and called her for a shoot. It was surprising indeed for Iffat, who perhaps had other aims in life outlined for her. Her very first shoot was a big hit at that time and that is where her career took a jumpstart from.

    She remained on top and enjoyed an exceptional place in the fashion industry throughout the 80’s and 90’s until she moved towards acting. From there, came the transition period from slowly moving towards acting side and bidding farewell to modeling. All through the way, Iffat was privileged as she was fully supported by her family and friends, and after marriage her husband befriended her and supported her in the same way. She has maintained a good balance between her personal and family life.

    Iffat has worked with various designers but considers Omar Saeed her favorite.
    The world has not stopped for Iffat as she has taken her journey towards direction and production and is doing fairly well. Moreover, Iffat has also appeared in various music videos, including Junoon and Strings.

    For Iffat, sky is the limit!

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    Pakistani Fashion Models previously could not be left without mentioning the name of the dazzling Iffat Rahim Omer. Iffat is recognized to be among the leading ladies in the Pakistani fashion industry in the 80’s and 90’s. Iffat is a model-turned-actress-turned-director and producer, as matter of fact and is seen on various TV shows, Pakistani catwalks and even enjoys a good reputation in the world-wide fashion industry.

    Iffat Rahim Model Photos:

    Iffat. iffat_rahim_omer_1. iffat_rahim_omer_2. iffat_rahim_omer_3. iffat_rahim_omer_4. iffat_rahim_omer_5. iffat_rahim_omer_6. iffat_rahim_omer_7. iffat_rahim_omer_8. iffat_rahim_omer_9. iffat_rahim_omer_10. iffat_rahim_omer_11. iffat_rahim_omer_12. Iffat_Rahims. Iffat_wedding. Iffat1. iffat2. iffat5. iffat6. iffat7. iffat8. iffat9. iffat10. iffat11.

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