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In The Light of Hope, She walked

Discussion in 'Express Your Feelings' at Pakistan.web.pk started by M Shah, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. M Shah

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  2. doctorabidasajid

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  3. Hafsa

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    Ayein ye kab likhi gai???? :eek:

    @M Shah bhai ye apne likhi hai? It's so beautifulllll :love: Ma Shaa Allah.

    Meine tou abhi dekha.. waisey mein baqaida se apky threads dekh rhi hun tou mujhy tana mat dein :stop:
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  4. Twilight

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    @M Shah @doctorabidasajid
    Mujay to her 1 lafz k sath pata hai k yeh post kis k liye hai :)
    None other than Shah. Zain's mama :)
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  5. Twilight

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  6. Twilight

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    I like it ..i believe it
    In the hope of future'
    That past become present'
    And again the present dream'
    Dream with denotemnet of future'
    In the light of hope'
    In the faith of prayers'
    She has started walking again'
    Faith that rushed in her veins'
    I know because Faith is the power that makes it possible for her to walk again to dream again ... And that is actually Faith that provokes to stand again even she doesnt have energy:)
    The instinct is "Faith that rushed in Her veins"
    Thanks alot
    :love: @M Shah
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