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Interesting Confusions

Discussion in 'Funny & Stupid Questions' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Aakash, Sep 14, 2012.

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    O Bhai perindon k par hoten Hain
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  2. @Aakash

    1. No you can't unless you are... a crocodile. :p Then you can shed some tears under the water. OR ..Yes you can if you wear goggles, or if you try chopping onions under water.:p... and in reality Yes, it is possible to cry underwater. Tears (a water-based fluid containing salts, lipids, and proteins) are released by a structure called the lacrimal gland, located in the upper, outer region of each eye..... In theory, being underwater does not prevent the lacrimal glands from releasing tears..... Of course, such tears would be difficult to detect because they would immediately mix with the surrounding water..... I recommend that you do not try crying underwater, as crying sometimes involves gasping and an increased breathing rate - two things that may be dangerous to experience while underwater....

    2. Because their gills are in constant contact with the water, fresh water fish face a constant threat of their blood diluted, so they don't use drinking as a mechanism to maintain the high solute concentration in their blood. ... Thus, although fish drink, that doesn't necessarily mean that they get thirsty!....

    3. When birds perch, there is a tendon in their legs that gets pulled further, locking their toes tightly to the branch.... Birds' "knees" bend backwards, so when they perch this tendon is pulled to its furthest extent over the back of the knee..... This is not changed until the bird consciously "lifts his knees up" and releases the tension on this tendon.....The bird can sleep on the tree because his weight pushes down on his knees and keeps that tendon tight.... Convenient, otherwise a sleeping bird would make an easy meal for predators....

    4. As the water evaporates, the glue dries and hardens. ....All that's left are the sticky polymers that hold things together.... This process is called mechanical adhesion. ... When white glue is inside a bottle, there's not enough air inside the bottle to cause the water to evaporate to make the glue sticky.....

    5. I love you can t be considered a question...... It is an expression, a statement or a proposal., ...certainly with the hope of a response either in agreement or in refusal..... Silence is sometimes construed or mislead as semi agreement (and not as semi refusal !) :)....

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    A skyhigh Sixer.....
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    Elaborated very comprehensively @Falak
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