1. aqsa zulfiqar

    aqsa zulfiqar New Member

    Thank you so much Veer for uploading it :) Really appreciate it!
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  2. Mehmood ul Saqlain

    Mehmood ul Saqlain New Member

  3. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder

    Meray pass tou yeh pages full open ho rahay hein, aap in pages ko reload kar k deikhein.

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  4. Ch0c0 gIrL

    Ch0c0 gIrL New Member

    Muje ye novel stat se parhana hy par is ki shuru ki epi nai nil raien :(
  5. Fiza Khan

    Fiza Khan New Member

    amazing story really..:)
  6. maryam khan

    maryam khan New Member

    simply great
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  7. Mahi Aquarious

    Mahi Aquarious New Member

    how can i open the images ?
  8. Veer

    Veer Super Star Pakistani

    click on image links one by one..

    img link.
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  9. k

    kattie kinza New Member

    when will we have this novel compiled completely as a book, I've read till the episode 8, can't read it online cuz of eyesight prob!
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  10. Ana Zai

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