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  1. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder Staff Member

    KaraKoram Ka Taj Mahal Novel By Nimra Ahmed

    Pakistani Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed has written KaraKoram Ka Taj Mahal Novel. She is very popular in females because of her unique writing style. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read this complete novel. We hope to see exciting comments and feedback from the readers of Nimra Ahmed novels.
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  2. rabia butt

    rabia butt New Member

    i want to read this novel online, download kr k kaise perte hain ? can u tell me plz
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  3. Syed Hamza kazmi

    Syed Hamza kazmi New Member

    ok i mean i recommend you FOXIT READER you need to download and install FOXIT READER because its very simple and fast software and there is no hassle just download and install with few clicks then start to read everything you want to read that's it.
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  4. Syed Hamza kazmi

    Syed Hamza kazmi New Member

    sorry i just forget to add download link :p anyway here is the link for foxit reader software Better than Adobe PDF Reader and Acrobat
    just click on it and then should be your browser will open a new tab or window and hopefully then download will start and
    when the download have to complete then click to open the exe file which could be in your my document folder or downloads folder ok then follow the process which is more likely next agreed next finish :p and then download any novel, book or whatever you want to read from this site and again do same thing but this time you may just double click on the novel or whatever file and then start reading enjoy your self...:angel:
    oh my god i just forget to guide you last and very important thing to do ok keep it this in your mind after all process will done and before start to reading anything you have to do wazoo and do two (2) nawafil of shukrana and then pray humbly for me...:p
    tc all the best
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  5. V

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

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  6. Syed Hamza kazmi

    Syed Hamza kazmi New Member

  7. aimmy khan

    aimmy khan New Member

    but u guyz cn gv these novels online....?????
  8. Ainni

    Ainni Well-Known Pakistani

    lovyyyyyy.... thnx 4 d link....:cool:
  9. amer1408

    amer1408 New Member

    I was looking for this ! Love for Rakaposhi :)
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  10. miss shuaa1

    miss shuaa1 New Member

    ooooooo shukar hy <3
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