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Digest Khawateen Digest September 2017

Discussion in 'Pakistan Digital Library' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Veer, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    Monthly Khawateen Digest September 2017 PDF, Khawateen Digest September 2017 online reading, Pakistani Urdu Digest for Women Khawateen Digest September 2017 in PDF format

    In this Khawateen September 2017 Digest, you can read and discuss Urdu romantic and Social novels written by famous Pakistani Urdu writers, Actors/actress Interviews, Fashion, Beauty, Health and Cooking Tips in Urdu.

    Khawateen September 2017 Highlights

    Haalim by Nimra Ahmed - Episode 5
    Haalim by Nimra Ahmed - Episode 6
    Dasht-e-Junoon by Amna Riaz - Episode 19
    Complete novels
    Husn ul Maab aur by Saira Raza - Episode 9
    Rah Noward e Shoq by Sumera Hameed
    Mazda e Subah Mubarak Tumhein by Kiran Nauman
    Rizq by Aneela Kiran Ali
    Na Samajh by Nighat Abdullah
    Khala by Atiya Khalid
    Niyat by Nadia Jahangeer
    Mere Badguman by Hajra Rehan
    Novels with icon are available for online reading.
    Novels with icon are scheduled to be uploaded soon.
    Novels with icon are not included this month
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  2. S

    Sadia Baig New Member I Love Reading

    When will khwateen of this month upload...???
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  3. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    @Sadia Baig digest aa gya ha aj lekn meri tabiyat thek nhi so tired now just going to sleep. InshaALLAH will do it tomorrow :)
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  4. yousafg

    yousafg New Member

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  5. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder Staff Member

    Eid k moqay per kuch digest jin k aanay ki dates Eid k dinon ki thi unhein publishers Eid say pehlay hi market may lay aaye thay jesay k Shuaa, Aanchal, Pakeeza, Hina yeh sab mamool say pehlay aa gaye thay aur baqi digest jo reh gaye un ki publishing Eid holidays ki waja say kuch din ki takheer say honi hai. Is tarah baad may aanay walay digest jesay Khawateen digest mamool say kuch din late aa rahay hein :)
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  6. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

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  7. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

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  8. A

    ANnum New Member I Love Reading

    @Veer Kiran digest kab tk upload hoga?
    Kiran main ane wale qistwaar novel pehle upload ho sakte hain kya?
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