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    Hatice Sultan's role in Mera Sultan played by a Turkish-German actress, Selma Ergec.

    khazeena sultan.

    Hatice Sultan, (1496–1538) (Ottoman Turkish: خدیجہ سلطان) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Selim I and Ayşe Hafsa Sultan. She was the sister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

    Hatice Sultan was born in 1496. First, she married İskender Paşa but became widow by his death. Then, she married Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha, who was the Grand Vizier from 1523 and remained in office for 13 years, but in 1536 he was executed by the Sultan and his property was confiscated by the State. The couple had two daughters. They lived in their palace together with their children. Hatice died in 1538. (Wikipedia)
    • Born: 1496, Edirne, Turkey
    • Died: 1538, Istanbul, Turkey
    • Spouse: Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha (m. 1523–1536), Iskender Pasha
    • Siblings: Suleiman the Magnificent
    • Parents: Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, Selim I
    • Children: Hanım Sultan, Fülane Sultan
    • Religion: Islam
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