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  1. Ajwah

    Ajwah Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

    Let go of your worries
    and be completely clear-hearted,
    like the face of a mirror
    that contains no images.
    If you want a clear mirror,
    behold yourself
    and see the shameless truth,
    which the mirror reflects.
    If metal can be polished
    to a mirror-like finish,
    what polishing might the mirror
    of the heart require?
    Between the mirror and the heart
    is this single difference:
    the heart conceals secrets,
    while the mirror does not.

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  2. Ajwah

    Ajwah Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

  3. yusra avais

    yusra avais Account Closed

    Bohet khoobsurat @Ajwah :thumbs up:
    kia poetry hai:love:
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  4. kuku20

    kuku20 Star Pakistani Staff Member Baby Names Staff

  5. Sajjal

    Sajjal Star Pakistani

    Ahaa ! ....Superb sharing Ajwah :flower:
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  6. Noor-e-Kainat

    Noor-e-Kainat Star Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    i am making it my status
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  7. Ajwah

    Ajwah Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

  1. Falak
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