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    Lower Dir:

    Location of Dir (highlighted in yellow) within the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

    Lower Dir (Pashto: لر دیر) is one the 24 districts of North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. The district was formed in 1996, when the district of Dir was divided into Upper Dir and Lower Dir.

    Dir was a small princely state located in the modern North-West Frontier Province in Pakistan. The state ceased to exist in 1969 when it was incorporated into Pakistan. The area once occupied by the state (5,282 km²) now forms two districts of Pakistan - Upper Dir and Lower Dir. The two districts were part of Malakand Division until divisions were abolished as an administrative tier.

    Most of the state lay in the valley of the Panjkora river which rises in the Hindu Kush mountains and joins the Swat River near Chakdara. Apart from small areas in the south-west, Dir is a rugged mountainous country with peaks rising to 5,000 metres (16,000 ft) in the north-east and to 3,000 metres (10,000 ft) along the watersheds with Swat to the east and Afghanistan and Chitral to the west and north.

    At Partition there was a Muslim majority in Dir with small minorities of Hindus and Sikhs who left for India during partition.

    The main language of the State of Dir was Pashto.

    The population of Lower Dir district total 37 Union Councils is 797852 according to the 1998 census report, the projected population of the Dir Lower is 1037091 in 2005 with the same growth between 1981 &1998 census i.e. 3.42% per annum. The projected male population of Dir lower in 2005 is 514072 and the female is 523020.

    The district is administratively subdivided into two Tehsils which contain a total of 37 Union Councils:​
    • Samar Bagh​
    • Timargara​

    The district is represented in the provincial assembly by four elected MPAs who represent the following constituencies, after shifting of three union council from the Upper Dir to Lower Dir the provincial constituency of upper Dir, PF-93 now consists of UCs Khall, Toor Mang and Akha Gram of Lower Dir : ​
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