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    Location of Malakand District (highlighted in yellow) within the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

    Malakand District (Pashto: مالاکند) is one of the districts in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.


    The famous Malakand Pass which connects Mardan to Swat and Dir is located near Dargai, where the local Pushtun tribes fought two fierce battles with the British army in 1895 and 1897.

    Before 1970 the area was a Tribal Area known as the Malakand Protected Area, part of the Malakand Agency. In 1970 it became Malakand District, a Provincially Administered Tribal Area, until 2000 part of Malakand Division.


    The total area of Malakand District is 952km2 and has a population density of 596 people per sqkm. The population of Malakand is estimated to be 567,000 in 2004-05. Most of the people are Pashtuns speaking Pashto as their mother tongue. Agriculture is the major source of income, the total cultivatable land being 456600 hectors.


    The district of Malakand is divided into two tehsils, these are:

      • Sam Ranizai
      • Swat Ranizai
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