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    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    Online privacy is very hard to manage. You go shopping and the Online Seller holds your Address, Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, Date of Birth etc.​

    You visit any of your favorite websites and the web-server stores (in most of the cases) information about you like IP Address, Browser information, OS, location details (yes, even GPS) etc.​

    It’s very difficult to opt-out or stay away from these situations because in some cases this information is legally required by the other party. But what if some person is using your information without your consent or notice? For example sharing your private email address publicly or your phone number? OR your NTN/ID Card details?​

    Previously, it was a nightmare to find out the source of leakage but now Google gives you the ability to manage exactly that very easily. Before using it I would suggest you do a little ego-surfing, i.e. search for your name or personal information on the internet. Now let’s come to the “Me on the Web Feature” provided by Google.​
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    jhonpaul Guest

    Great piece of information shared, well done a great effort....