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    One of Pakistan's biggest music stars Ali Zafar has just been accused of sexual harassment "on more than one occasion" by fellow singer Meesha Shafi twitter:hushedface:

    Meesha Shafi Ali Zafar.

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    Ali Zafar's response

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    Meesha Shafi seemed like another GULALAI... But No No..!! We can't say anything to her.. After All she is a woman and has right to accuse any one without any proof for getting fake fame..!???
    Grow up ladies Grow upp..!!!!
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    Utter Rubbish...She is definitely is fake .......Blame on Ali Zafar is Useless she did it to get fame....All such women would go to any extent to draw attention. Look at her dress and of most such women in our TV commercials....Disgusting...Not that Ali Zafar is an angle but honestly who would jeopardize their career..It just does not add up to me...
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