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    Misbah Mushtaq Pakistani Urdu Poetess and Novelist. She starts her writing career from Poetry at her very early age.

    Her first poetry selection book "Bin Tery Kia Hai Jena" was published in 2003 from Romail house of publication. Then another selection book "Aik Tu na mila" released in 2005 from same publisher. In 2015, she launched her own Poetry book "Usne kaha tha Alvida" & right after its release she discovered her writing skills as a Novelist and she introduced herself as a writer by writing back to back novels, "Pathar kardo Ankh Mein Ansu, Ay dil e Raazdan , Amar hai dastaan apni , Ek saraab hai safar mera".

    These novels has been launched online through different urdu novel websites. She got fame from her first novel "Pathar kardo Ankh Mein Ansu" which was a social romantic novel based on a true story .
    She is multi talented , along writing she is keenly interested in photography. As she has done some photography courses, photography is her passion as well as profession.

    She is one of those few writers, who keep their readers bound with them, due to their unique writing style.

    We are Sharing here latest interview. Special Thanks to @Fahmeeda Anjum for this interview. Enjoy Reading. :)
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    Tag: Misbah Mushtaq
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