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    *How interesting .... I never thought Money has different names!!!*

    In temple or church, it's called *donation.*

    In school, it's *fee.*

    In marriage, it's called *dowry.*

    In divorce, *alimony.*

    When you owe someone, it's *debt.*

    When you pay the government, it's *tax.*

    In court, it's *fines.*

    Civil servant retirees, it's *pension.*

    Employer to workers, it's *salary.*

    Master to subordinates, it's *wages.*

    To children, it's *allowance.*

    When you borrow from bank, it's *loan.*

    When you offer after a good service. it's *tips.*

    To kidnappers, it's *ransom.*

    Illegally received in the name of service, it's *bribe.*

    *The question is, "when a husband gives to his wife, what do we call it???*


    *Money given to your wife*
    *is called DUTY, and every*
    *man has to do his duty*
    *because wives are not* *DUTY FREE...*

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    Thanks for sharing
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