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  1. Heer

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    Muslim Women Armed Forces 2011-12 Pakistani Female soldiers

    Female soldiers from the Pakistan’s armed forces. Pakistanis have great respect for their military women, and are immensly proud of their female soldiers. The people of the country know that when push comes to shove, the females of the country will always stand side by side with the men.


    In the first picture we see a group of Pakistan Army soldiers wearing what seems to be the medical corps uniform. Standing before a Pakistan Air Force C-130 aircraft, these girls prove that there is much more to them than their beauty. Defending the nation, these bodacious babes stand tall and proud.

    In the next picture we see a Pakistani fighter pilot as she gets ready to fly her jet trainer. Pakistan Air Force has some of the best pilots in the world, and that is doubly true for its females.











    In Pakistan every year hundreds of young girls are killed in the name of honor killing, though, now the Pakistani women have greater opportunities of regaining their lost individuality.

    The armed forces of the country today boast of 4,000 women - some posted as paratroopers, jet pilots and there are few even holding the ranks of an army general.

    The days of nurse jobs in the armed troops are gone. Today, even the male colleagues are giving more respect and space to the female officers.

    Currently the armed forces will be enrolling 30 female officers: the first two female paratroopers are already buckling up to take up the challenging career.









  2. Aleema_Akhtar

    Aleema_Akhtar New Member

    MashaAllah, Pakistani Female Soldiers Ki Kiya Baat Hay, Allah khoob Taraqqi aur Izzat-o-Martaba atta Farmaai

  3. Syed Munawar Shah

    Syed Munawar Shah Popular Pakistani

    Mashallah... Hamari females b kisi se kam nahee ha... Wajood zan se ha taskheer e kainat ma rang...
  4. sarakhan28

    sarakhan28 New Member

    MashAllah Pakistani women are helping in country progress.
  5. Farhan Saleem

    Farhan Saleem New Member

    Thanks for nice information sharee. App nay buhat acha kia kay ya sharee ki is post ko dkhnay our phernay say doosary looogggo ka dill kerren ga kay bi in agay nikal jauuu.
  6. Ana Zai

    Ana Zai Super Star Pakistani

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  7. Noor-e-Kainat

    Noor-e-Kainat Star Pakistani

    i have seen the most of pictures earlier
    i am v v v thankful to you @Ana Zai
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  8. Ana Zai

    Ana Zai Super Star Pakistani

    My Pleasure :)
    & Training ka dress trouser Shirt hai
    I am Sorry k mai ap ko Late information provide kr rhi hn :giggle:
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  9. Noor-e-Kainat

    Noor-e-Kainat Star Pakistani

    woh koi baat nai hai
    bus itni hi information chahye k scarf har uniform mein alowed hai k nai?