My bleeding heart for my bleeding Pakistan

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    “You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.” Maya Angelou:

    I am a visually impaired citizen of my beloved country, Pakistan, and this quote has a strong influence on me. I try to do good as much as possible and try to spread love and harmony by my actions. I have a passion for nature and all its beings; however, after observing my surroundings, I see the effects of hatred and an emotionally scarred society.

    I see unemployment, I see poverty, I see terrorism, I see war, I see socio-political injustice, I see inequality… and my heart, it goes to all those who feel this way.

    When I see a mother weep,

    For she cannot feed
    Her children’s screams devoid.

    Poverty smiles at its dominance,
    The poor are victims of its chronicles.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see the youth deprived,
    Their faces depict a tragedy
    That will devour their lives
    Their souls mortified
    Their dreams shattering apart.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see nature scream,
    As they tear down trees,
    When the grass is no more green,
    But the seasons come and go at ease,
    As if nothing has happened to nature’s beloved.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see a peasant’s needs,
    For they cannot make both ends meet.
    When I see a farmer’s struggle,
    Their faces shine with sweat from hard work,
    But still they don’t get their promised reward,
    However, they remain humble.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see the reign of terror,
    Smirking through the valleys of splendour,
    Spreading hatred and horror,
    Destroying nations and borders,
    With the audacity of a coward.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When blood becomes cheap,
    In a world full of deceits and creeps,
    As people become hollow,
    For the sake of a dollar,
    And common men holler.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see a soldier die,
    For his country, bury its martyr,
    And the soil embraces a warrior,
    Motherland cries for peace and harmony,
    For its soil has bled with,
    The sons and the daughters,
    A halo upon their tombstone shines.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When weapons of mass destruction increase,
    And populations of the world decrease,
    Wars demolish everything tangible,
    Human race comes to its knees,
    But the powerful laugh and feast on screens.
    My heart…it bleeds
    When education becomes scarce,
    As illiteracy triggers its glare,
    When illness comes uninvited to the doorsteps with flare,
    And hunger is as common as houseflies.
    But we still smile at the sight of a rotten pear.
    My heart… it bleeds
    When I see the politicians glisten with prejudice,
    As humanity says goodbye,
    When the rich gleam with contempt,
    As the destitute succumbs to death bell,
    And they try to forget the anthology,
    My heart… it bleeds.

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