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Location of Nowshera District (highlighted in yellow) within the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan

Nowshera (Urdu: نوشہرہ) is a district in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan - the principal city is Nowshera. Nowshera District is divided into 47 Union Councils and 5 provincial seats.

The district was part of the Peshawar metropolitan region.

1,748 km² total area. The population density is 608 persons per square kilometre. Total agricultural area is 52,540 hectors. The main source of income of the region is agriculture. Until 1988 Nowsehra was a Tehsil (sub division) of Peshawar, in 1988 it became a district.

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan the population was 874,373, a population density of 500.2 persons per km². The annual growth rate was 2.9% and the proportion of Urban dwellers was 26%.

Muslims form 99% of the population, of the rest, Christian 0.5%; Ahmadi 0.3% and Hindu 0.1%. The main Language is Pushto (91%) followed by Punjabi (3.6%) and Urdu (1.3%) - the literacy rate is 89%

Main Clans:
Sub tribe Akorra Khattak of main Khattak tribe is the dominant tribe in the district, divided in with almost seven clans i.e Babar , Akorkhels , Khwarra khattak , SweRa khattak , Uryakhels , Sami khel (Ismaeel Khels), and Kaka khels(Miangan).Beside these,another nation called Gumriyani is also present,which came from Afghanistan to help the Muslim(pukhtun)brothers of nowshera and settled here. Sir Ashfaq is most famous personlity of this area. Now a days posted in Quetta as Area Controller with Sir Nabeel.

Economically Active Population:
22.2% of the total population Main occupations: Professionals 5.5%; Technicians 3%; Agriculture workers 21.8%; Elementary occupations 33.6%; Service and shop workers 12.9%; Armed forces 8.5%; Craft and related trade workers 4.5%; Clerks 3.3%

Brief history:
Nowshera was the third District of Peshawar Division, which was separated from Peshawer. This district is also called the link between Central Asia and India. It is of more significance because of being situated at the riverbank of Sindh (Indus). Old Peshawar was famous due to the large industrial base of Nowshehra Tehsil.

There are big industries there, such as Paper International Ltd (previously known as Adam jee paper and board mill) Aman Garh, Nizampur Cement Company (AWT), Fauji Corn Complex at Jehangira, Nowshera Sheet Glass Industries at Adamzai, Pakistan Tobacco Company at Akora Khattak, Associated Industries Ltd. at Amangarh, Ferozsons pharmaceutical at Amangarh, Locomotive factory at Risalpur, and Special Export Processing Zone at Risalpur. Similarly, a number of various industrial units situated at Pabbi, Risalpur, Amangarh, Akora Khattak, Jehangira and Chirat areas are also making progress from industrial point of view.

This district played a major role in providing political asylum for refugees from Afghanistan. Several temporary camps were built at various locations within the jurisdiction of district Nowshera for the Afghan refugees.

The local government, headed by the Nazim-e-Ala, supervises Nowshera district. The local government consists of 47 union councils, 12 town councils, 1 tehsil council and a district assembly. In addition, district coordination officer (DCO) bridges local government and Government. functionaries including; administering planning & finance activities of various developmental projects for the benefit of the masses, like; allocation of funds for various civic amenities, education, healthcare, W&S and agriculture.

There is a district police headquarters headed by the district police officer, and 8 police stations functioning in the district jurisdiction. These police stations are situated in Nizampur, Khairabad, Akora, Nowshera cantt., Nowshera city, Risalpur, Azakhel and Pabbi.

There are several hospitals in Nowshera. Prominent are DHQ, CMH, Cantonment Hospital, LRBT Akora and Pabbi. Besides various public basic health units and rural health centres at various towns, there are a number of medical centres that provide private healthcare services. One is Hyatabad Memorial.

Nowshera district maintains a good reputation throughout NWFP on account of its educational institutions. Following are some of the renowned seats of learning:​
  • Northern University Mall Road Nowshera​
  • Government Post Graduate College for Boys​
  • Government Post Graduate College for Girls​
  • Government High School No. 1​
  • Government High School No. 2​
  • Government High School for Girls​
  • City Degree College​
  • Fazaia Degree College Risalpur​
  • The Indus Model Educaion Systems (TIMES)​
  • Jinah Memorial College​
  • Nisar Shaheed College Risalpur​
  • F.G. Public High Schools​
  • F.G. Boys High School​
  • F.G. Sapper Boys High School, Risalpur Cantt.​
  • Beaconhouse School System​
  • The Educators​
  • The City School​
  • Army Public Schools & Colleges​
  • Presentation Convent High School​
  • Muslim Degree Collage​
  • Working Folks Grammar School, Ziarat Kaka Sahib.​
  • Ufa Girls Computer & IT Institute​
  • Royal Pakistan Artillery School​


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mashallah g good work...cha gai o tussi

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