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    NWFP is now Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa

    It is to let the fellow travelers know that the name of NWFP province of Pakistan was changed from NWFP to Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa. Now the new name for this province is Khyber-Paktoonkhwa.

    NWFP is a province of Pakistan, well known to the wolrd due to its ideal and strategic location. It is bordering Afghanistan and that is why it was called NWFP(North,West,Frontier Province). It was changed from NWFP to a real name as NWFP is the geographical status of this area not the name.

    Many Pakhtoons rejoice the NWFP name-change as this struggle is a milestone in Pashtun identity.

    Congratulations to the inahabitants of Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa for the new name of their province.
  2. Heer

    Heer Inactive Member

    Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa new name for NWFP:
    Consensus at last

    * Reforms committee finalises draft of 18th Amend bill
    * PML-Q, PPP-Sherpao vow to oppose it in NA

    * PML-N’s demand for change in composition of proposed judicial commission accepted

    By Irfan Ghauri

    ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms on Wednesday concluded a landmark task by finalising its recommendations for the draft 18th amendment bill, after it arrived at a consensus on the renaming of the NWFP and the composition of the judicial commission.

    The 26-member committee headed by Mian Raza Rabbani signed the final draft of the amendment package at the Parliament House and the draft is likely to be tabled in parliament in the next couple of days.

    Renaming: In Wednesday’s deliberations, the Awami National Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz agreed to rename the NWFP Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa. However, the PML-Q and the PPP-Sherpao wrote a “note of reiteration” over the clause and vowed to vote against it whenever the draft is moved in parliament for approval.

    PML-N demands: The parliamentary committee also included PML-N’s demands regarding the composition of the proposed judicial commission. The PML-N had demanded that the appointment of judges to superior courts should be based on the chief justice’s recommendations, who
    must have the authority to appoint a retired judge, who never took oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO), as seventh member of the proposed commission. The committee also decided that the law minister, instead of the attorney general, would represent the government in the commission.

    PPP-Sherpao chief Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao said his party supported Pakhtoonkhwa as the new name for the NWFP, as the provincial assembly had adopted a resolution in its favour. PML-Q’s Amir Muqam called the proposed name for the NWFP “highly biased”, fearing it will create linguistic rifts in the province.

    Under the proposed package, the Council of Common Interest has been given additional powers and the provinces have been given more say on national matters by enhancing their representation in the council, which would be authorised to deal with all subjects put under part-2 of the federal list. The committee also proposed the abolition of Article 58(2b), which empowers the president to dissolve parliament.
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    Khushi Inactive Member

    thankoo shankooo, for good sharing