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    Perks & Privileges for a 4 Star General after Retirement
    • Three former or serving army men serve retired four-star generals as operator, driver, and personal assistant.
    • SSG Commandos protect the retired generals until a security clearance from intelligence agencies is received
    • Like all the senior military and civil officials, a four-star general is also allotted a plot where he can build his house. (Raheel Sharif, however, has already donated his plot for a fund allocated for martyrs of the army)
    • After their retirement, army chief and chairman joint chiefs of staff committee are issued officials passports for traveling, a facility that is also availed to prime ministers and other top government functionaries

    Retirement per Army Chief ki mura'at (in Urdu)
    • Taa hayat 3 Mulazimeen: Personal assistant, Operator, Drive
    • Aik plot zati makan ki tameer k liye
    • Govt. passport umar bhar k liye
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    We will miss you Sir... (Gen Raheel Sharif)