Quddus Mirza

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    Quddus Mirza
    Born 1961
    Quddus Mirza is one of the most challenging painters of 90’s. After graduation from National College of Arts, Lahore, he went on to the Royal College of Art, London. His work is a critique of painting, the images are deconstructed and subjected to their own internal logic. A witty irony challenges our expectations as we set aside our initial response of seeing a painting and instead find ourselves reading it. Deliberately two-dimensional, he uses the concept of space as practiced by Indian Miniaturist in a faux-naif style, the gestural marking of the surface often incorporates writing. Pahari painting, magic realist literature, contemporary Urdu Poetry and everyday incidents occupy the same creative space in an existential reading of the absurdity of life. Quddus Mirza teaches art at the National College of Arts.
    On my Work
    "My work deals with the images I find in my surroundings. The forms which appear on walls, on the back of vehicles and on billboards are our tradition. I try to infuse with a political meaning. The imaginary is not realistic on just one level but encompasses multiple reality which includes the magical, religious, literal and parallel realities.
    The act of painting is very significant for me, especially the mark making. The open form of the completed work fascinates me. I take delight in the sensuous quality of pain and its application. I am trying to see space in the context of Indian Miniature which is not an illusion of western two points perspective, but a reality of a cognitive kind".
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    very nice work
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    Excellent work noor dear...keep it up