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Quotes Of Hazrat Ali (Ra)

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    SERMON 82 (nahj ul balagah)
    This sermon is called the al-Gharra' and it is one of the most wonderful sermons of Amir al-mu'minin.

    Praise be to Allah who is High above all else, and is Near (the creation) through His bounty. He is the Giver of all reward and distinction, and Dispeller of all calamities and hardships. I praise Him for His continuous mercy and His copious bounties.
    I believe in Him as He is the First of all and He is Manifest. I seek guidance from Him as He is Near and is the Guide. I seek His succour as He is Mighty and Subduer.
    I depend upon Him as He is Sufficer and Supporter. And I stand witness that Muhammad (blessing of Allah be on him and his progeny) is His slave and His Prophet. He sent him for enforcement of His commands, for exhausting His pleas and for presenting warnings (against eternal punishment).
    Enjoining people to Piety O' creatures of Allah I advise you to have fear of Allah Who has furnished illustrations and Who has timed for you your lives. He has given you covering of dress(1) and He has scattered for you livelihood. He has surrounded you with His knowledge. He has ordained rewards. He has bestowed upon you vast bounties and extensive gifts. He has warned you through far reaching arguments, and He has counted you by numbers. He has fixed for you ages (to live) in this place of test and house of instruction. You are on test in this world and have to render account about it.
    Caution against this world Certainly this world is a dirty watering place and a muddy source of drinking. Its appearance is attractive and its inside is destructive. It is a deception, a vanishing reflection and a bent pillar. When its despiser begins to like it and he who is not acquainted with it feels satisfied with it, then it raises and puts down its feet (in joy), entraps him in its trap, makes him the target of its arrows and puts round his neck the rope of death taking him to the narrow grave and fearful abode in order to show him his place of stay and the recompense of his acts. This goes on from generation to generation. Neither death stops from cutting them asunder nor do the survivors keep aloof from committing of sins. Death and Resurrection They are emulating each other and proceeding in groups towards the final objective and the rendezvous of death, till when matters come to a close, the world dies and resurrection draws near. Allah would take them out from the corners of the graves, the nests of birds. the dens of beasts and the centres of death.
    They hasten towards Him command and run towards the place fixed for their final return group by group, quiet, standing and arrayed in rows. They will be within Allah's sight and will hear every one who would call them. They would be having the dress of helplessness and covering of submission and indignity. (At this time) contrivances would disappear, desires would be cut, hearts would sink quietly, voices would be curbed down, sweat would choke the throat, fear would increase and ears would resound with the thundering voice of the announcer calling towards the final judgement, award of recompense, striking of punishment and paying of reward. The limitations of life People have been created as a proof of (His) power, have been brought up with authority, they are made to die through pangs, and placed in graves where they turn into crumbs. Then they would be resurrected one by one, awarded their recompense and would have to account for their actions, each one separately. They had been allowed time to seek deliverance, had been shown the right path and had been allowed to live and seek favours, the darkness of doubts had been removed, and they had been let free in this period of life as a training place in order to make preparation for the race on the Day of Judgement, to search for the objective with thoughtfulness, to get time necessary to secure benefits and provide for the next place of stay. No happiness without Piety How appropriate are these illustrations and effective admonitions provided they are received by pure hearts, open ears, firm views and sharp wits. Fear Allah like him who listened (good advice) and bowed before it, when he committed sin he admitted it, when he felt fear he acted virtuously, when he apprehended he hastened (towards good acts), when he believed he performed virtuous acts, when he was asked to take lesson (from the happenings of this world) he did take the lesson, when he was asked to desist he abstained (from evil), when he responded to the call (of Allah) he leaned (towards him), when he turned back (to evil) he repented, when he followed he almost imitated and when he was shown (the right path) he saw it. Such a man was busy in search of truth and got rid (of the worldly evils) by running away. He collected provision (of good acts) for himself, purified his inner self, built for the next world, and took with himself provision for the day of his departure, keeping in view his journey, his requirement and the position of his need.
    He sent ahead of him for the abode of his stay (in the next world). O' creatures of Allah, fear Allah keeping in view the reason why He created you and be afraid of Him to the extent He has advised you to do. Make yourself deserve what He has promised you, by having confidence in the truth of His promise and entertaining fear for the Day of Judgement.

    A part of the same sermon Reminding people of Allah's bounties He has made for you ears to preserve what is important, eyes to have sight in place of blindness and limbs which consist of many (smaller) parts, whose curves are in proportion with the moulding of their shapes and lengths of their ages, and also bodies that are sustaining themselves and hearts that are busy in search of their food, besides other big bounties, obliging bestowings and fortresses of safety. He has fixed for you ages that are not known to you. He has retained for you remains of the past people for your instruction.
    Those people enjoyed themselves fully and were completely unhampered. Death overtook them before (satisfaction of) their desires, from which the hands of death separated them. They did not provide for themselves during health of their bodies, and did not take lesson during their youth. Are these people who are in youth waiting for the backbending old age, and those enjoying fresh health waiting for ailments, and these living persons looking for the hour of death? When the hour of departure would be close and the journey at hand, with pangs of grief and trouble, suffering of sorrows and suffocation of saliva, and the time would arrive for calling relations and friends for help and changing sides on the bed. Could then the near ones stop death, or the mourning women do any good? He would rather be left alone in the graveyard confined to the narrow corner of his grave. His skin has been pierced all over by reptiles, and his freshness has been destroyed by these tribulations. Storms have removed his traces and calamities have obliterated even his signs. Fresh bodies have turned thin and withered and bones have become rotten.
    The spirits are burdened with the weight of sins and have become conscious of the unknown things. But now neither the good acts can be added to nor evil acts can be atoned for by repentance. Are you not sons, fathers, brothers and relations of these dead and are not to follow their footsteps and pass by their paths? But hearts are still unmoved, heedless of guidance and moving on wrong lines, as though the addressee is someone else, and as though the correct way is to amass worldly gains. Preparation for the Day of Judgement And know that you have to pass over the pathway (of sirat) where steps waver, feet slip away and there are fearful dangers at every step. O' creatures of Allah, fear Allah, like the fearing of wise man whom the thought (of next world) has turned away from other matters, fear (of Allah) has afflicted his body with trouble and pain, his engagement in the night prayer has turned even his short sleep into awakening, hope (of eternal recompense) keeps him thirsty in the day, abstention has curbed his desires, and remembrance of Allah is ever moving his tongue. He entertains fear before dangers. He avoids uneven ways in favour of clear ones. He follows the shortest route to secure his purpose, wishfulness does not twist his thinking and ambiguities do not blind his eyes. He enjoys deep sleep and passes his day happily because of the happiness of good tidings and pleasure of (eternal bounties). He passes the pathway of this world in praiseworthy manner.
    He reaches the next world with virtues. He hastens (towards virtue) out of fear (for vice). He moves briskly during the short time (of life in this world). He devotes himself in seeking (eternal good), he runs away from evil. During today he is mindful of tomorrow, and keeps the future in his view. Certainly Paradise is the best reward and achievement, which hell is appropriate punishment and suffering.
    Allah is the best Avenger and Helper and the Qur'an is the best argument and confronter. Warning against Satan I enjoin upon you fear of Allah Who has left no excuse against what He has warned, has exhausted argument (of guidance) about the (right) path He has shown. He has warned you of the enemy that steals into hearts and stealthily speaks into ears, and thereby misguides and brings about destruction, makes (false) promises and keeps under wrong impression, he represents evil sins in attractive shape, and shows as light even serious crimes. When he has deceived his comrades and exhausted the pledge he begins to find fault with what he presented as good, and considers serious what he had shown as light, and threatens from what he had shown as safe. Part of the same sermon dealing with creation of man Or look at man whom Allah has created in the dark wombs and layers of curtains from what was overflowing semen, then shapeless clot, then embryo, then suckling infant, then child and then fully grown up young man. Then He gave him heart with memory, tongue to talk and eye to see with, in order that he may take lesson (from whatever is around him) and understand it and follow the admonition and abstain from evil. When he attained the normal growth and his structure gained its average development he fell in self-conceit and got perplexed. He drew bucketfuls of his desires, got immersed in fulfilling his wishes for pleasures of the world and his (sordid) aims. He did not fear any evil nor got frightened of any apprehension. He died infatuated with his vices. He spent his short life in rubbish pursuits. He earned no reward nor did he fulfil any obligation. Fatal illness overtook him while he was still in his enjoyments and perplexed him. He passed the night in wakefulness in the hardships of grief and pricking of pains and ailments in the presence of real brother, loving father, wailing mother, crying sister, while he himself was under maddening uneasiness, serious senselessness, fearful cries, suffocating pains, anguish of suffocating sufferings and the pangs of death. Thereafter he was clad in the shroud while he remained quiet and thoroughly submissive to others.
    Then he was placed on planks in such a state that he had been down-trodden by hardships and thinned by ailments. The crowd of young men and helping brothers carried him to his house of loneliness where all connections of visitors are severed. Thereafter those who accompanied him went away and those who were wailing for him returned and then he was made to sit in his grave for terrifying questioning and slippery examination.
    The great calamity of that place is the hot water and entry into Hell, flames of eternal Fire and intensity of blazes. There is no resting period, no gap for ease, no power to intervene, no death to bring about solace and no sleep to make him forget pain. He rather lies under several kinds of deaths and moment-to-moment punishment. We seek refuge with Allah. The lesson to be learnt from those who have passed away O' creatures of Allah! where are those who were allowed (long) ages to live and they enjoyed bounty. They were taught and they learnt; they were given time and they passed it in vain; they were kept healthy and they forgot (their duty). They were allowed long period (of life), were handsomely provided, were warned of grievous punishment and were promised big rewards. You should avoid sins that lead to destruction and vices that attract wrath (of Allah). O' people who possess eyes and ears and health and wealth! Is there any place of protection, any shelter of safety, or asylum or haven, or occasion to run away or to come back (to this world)? If not, "how are you then turned away" (Qur'an, 6:95; 10:34; 35:3; 40:62) and wither are you averting? By what things have you been deceived? Certainly, the share of every one of you from this earth is just a piece of land equal to his own stature and size where he would lie on his cheeks covered with dust. The present is an opportune moment for acting. O' creatures of Allah, since the neck is free from the loop, and spirit is also unfettered, now you have time for seeking guidance: you are in ease of body; you can assemble in crowds, the rest of life is before you; you have opportunity of acting by will; there is opportunity for repentance, and peaceful circumstances. (But you should act) before you are overtaken by narrow circumstances and distress, or fear and weakness, before the approach of the awaited death and before seizure by the Almighty, the Powerful.


    as-Sayyid ar-Radi says: It is related that when Amir al-mu'minin delivered this sermon people began to tremble, tears flowed from their eyes and their hearts were frightened. Some people call this sermon the Brilliant Sermon (al-Khutbatu'l-Gharra') (1). Allah has furnished every creature with natural dress, which is the means of protecting it from cold and heat. Thus, some animals are covered in feathers and some carry apparels of wool on their bodies. But the high degree of intelligence of man and the quality of shame and modesty in him demands distinction from other creatures. Consequently, to maintain this distinction he has been taught the ways of covering his body. It was this natural impulse that when Adam was made to give up his dress he began to cover his body with leaves. The Qur'an says: So when they tested (of) the tree their shameful things got displayed unto them and they began covering themselves with leaves of the garden ... (Qu'ran, 7:22) This was the punishment awarded for his committing what was better for him to omit. When removal of dress is punishment its putting on would be a favour, and since this is peculiar to man it has been particularly mentioned. (2). The intention is that Allah would resurrect all the dead, even though they had been eaten by beasts and been merged in their bodies. Its aim is to refute the view of the philosophers who hold that the resurrection of the non-existent is impossible and who do not therefore believe in the physical resurrection. Their argument briefly is that a thing which has lost existence by death cannot return to life. Consequently, after the destruction of this world the return of any of its beings to life is out of question. But this belief is not correct because dispersal of the parts does not mean its non-existence, so as to say that putting these parts together again would involve resurrection of the non-existent. On the other hand separated and dispersed parts continue to exist in some form or the other. Of course, in this connection this objection has some force that when every person is to be resurrected in his own form, then in case one person has eaten the other, then in such a case it would be impossible to resurrect either of them with his own constituent parts, since this would involve creating deficiency of parts in that who had eaten the other. To this metaphysicians have replied that in everybody there are some constituents which are essential and others which are non-essential. The essential constituents remain constant from the beginning till end of life and suffer no change or alteration, and resurrection with regard to such constituents would not create any deficiency in the man who ate the other.

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    Hazrat Ali (R.A) Said...

    (1) Jo tangg-dasti mein deta hay usy hath barha kar

    dia jata hay.

    (2) Tangg-dasti deen mein kami karti hay, aql ko

    pareshaan karti hay aur logon ko dushman banati hay...


    Hazrat Ali (R.A) said..
    Apno or Gairon main farq sirf Rabty ka hai.
    Rabta Qaim rahy to Gair b apne ban jaty hain or agar Rabta Qaim na rahy to apne bhi Gair ban jaty hain.

    Hazrat Ali (R.A) said..
    buray doston say kantay achay jo ek baar hi zakham detay hain..


    HAZRAT ALI (R.A) said..
    "ksi bhi insan ki khushi ki "wjah" bano.. khushi ka "hissa" nahi...
    ksi bhi insaan k dukh ka "hissa" bno...
    dukh ki "wjjah" nahe..! "


    Ek shakhs hazrat ALI R.A se poocha:Maula, momin kon hota hey?AAP ne samnay deewar ki taraf ishara kertay huway fermaya:Agar Momin is deewar ko kahay kay sonay (gold) ki hoja tou wo sonay mein badal jaye gi.itnay mein wo deewar sonay ki ho gai, tou us shakhs ne kaha:Maula, aap ne tou sirf misaal di thi, hukum tou nahi diya tha deewar ko?AAP ne fermaya:ye farq Momin aur Ameerul Momineen ka hey....

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    Tum Kisi Ko Chaho Or Woh Tumain Thukra Day To Yah Us Ke Bad Nasibi Hai. Or Us K Bad tum us ko Zabardasti Apnana Chaho To Yah Tumheray Nafs Ki Zillat hy.

    Tum Gulab Ka Phool Ban Jao q kay Yah Phool Us Kay Hathoon main bhi KUSHBU chor jata hai jo issay masal k phenk deta hy.

    Din ko rizk ki talash karo or raat ko usay talash karo jo tumhai rizk deta hy

    Yeh zindagi 2 din ki hai 1 din tumharay haq mai aur 1 din tumharay mukhaalif Jis din tumharay haq mai ho us din ghuroor mat kerna aur jis din tumharay mukhaalif ho us din sabr karna.

    Tum acha karo aur zamana bura samjhay , yeh tumharay haq mai behter hai bajaye is k tum bura karo aur zamana tum ko acha samjhay.

    Lambi umeedoon se perhaiz kia karo, kyon k yeh dosri naimtoon ko Tumhari nazar mai haqeer bana deti hain aur tum unki shukar guzari nahi kertay.

    Jub tum dunya ki muflisi se tung aajao aur rizq ka koi rasta na niklay Tu sadqa de ker ALLAH se tijarat karo.

    Apnay dushman ko hazar mouqa do k woh tumara dost ban jaye. LEKIN apna dost ko 1 bhi moqa na do k woh tumara dushman ban jaiy.

    Barish ka Qatra Seepi or Sanp dono kay Munah mein girta hai Jab keh Sanp ussay Zehar bana deta hai aur Seep Usay Moti. Jis ka jaisa "Zarf" waisi Uss ki "Takhleeq"

    Duniya Tumhain Us Waqt Tak Nahi Hara Sakti Jab Tak Tum Khud Se Na Haar Jao.

    Jo Dukh day Us se Taluq na rakho aur jis se Taluq na rakho usay dukh na do.

    Insan Gunah Kerne Ki Waja Se Jahanum Mein Nhi Jata Bal Keh Gunah Per Mutmaen Rehny Aur Tauba Na Krney Ki Waja Se Jahanum Mein Jata Hy.

    Jo tumhain khushi mein yad aaiy, samjho tum us se muhabbat kartey ho or jo tumhain gham mein yad aaiy to samjho woh tum se muhabbat kerta hay

    Acha Dost Kitni Dafa he kyon na rothay usay mana lena chahyay kyon k Tasbeeh k danay kitni dafa he kyon na bikhrein ikathay ker liyay jatay hain

    Koi mumlikat Kufer ke saath to chal sakti hai magar na insaafi ke saath nahi

    Main ne Allah Ko apney iraadon ke totney se pehchana hay

    Jab mere dua qabool hoti hai to mujhe khushi hoti hai ke Allah ne mere dua pori ki. Aur jab mere dua radd hojati hai to mujhey aur bhi zayada khushi hoti hai ke ye mere Allah ki marzi nahi

    Tumhari woh khamoshi jis ke baad tum se baat karney ki khawahish paida ho jaiey, tumharey uss kalam sey behtar hay jis ke baad tum ko khamosh ker diya jaiy.

    Khoobsorati kaproun se nahe ilm o adab se hoti hay

    Her shakhas ki qeemat woh hunar hay jo us ke ander hay

    Woh Gunah jis ka tumhein ranj ho Allah Tala k nazdik us neki se behtar hy ji se tum mein ghuroor paida ho jaiy.

    Ikhtiar, Taqat Aur Dolat Milney Per Log Badaltay Nahi, Balkeh Be-Naqab Hotey Hain

    Dolat Mitti ki tarhan hy aur mitti ko pair k niche rehna chahyay. Agar Sir pe charhao gay to Qabar Ban jaiy gi Aur Qabar zinda Insano k liye Nhe hoti...

    Sab se bari khayanat apni Qaum se Ghaddari hay

    Gunah Jawan ka bhi bad hy magar borhay ka bad tar hay

    Azaadi ki hifazat na kernay wala Ghulami mien griftaar h jata hay

    Insan Dukh nahe detay, Insano se Wabasta Umeedein dukh deti hain

    Agar Tum kisi ko chota dekh rahay ho to ya usay door se dekh rahay ho ya gharoor se

    Jab Tum dunya ki Muflisi se tang aa jao aur Rizaq ka koi rasta na niklay to Sadqa day ker Allah se tajaarat kiya kero.

    Agar Tum Seedhay rastay pe ho aur kisi Mushkil ka samna nahe ker rahay to kuch dair k liyay socho k kahin tum kuch ghalt to nahe ker rahay kyon k seedha rasta to mushkilaat se bhar pur hota hy

    Tabeyat ki Narmi aur Sakhawat, insan ko Dushmnon k dilon main b Mehboob bana deti hai

    AY ALLAH PAK, jab maine tujh se nahi manga tab bhi tu ne mujhe ataa kiya ... tou ye kaise mumkin hai k main tujh se mangon or tu ataa na kare

    Agar kisi ka BANNA chatay ho to puri HAQEQAT se ban jao… Warna,apni Zaat mein aisi HAQIQAT peda kar lo k,koi HAQIQAT main tumhara ban jaye.

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    Mien Baro ki izat is lie karta hun ke un ki naikiyaan mujhse kaye ziada hain
    Aur Chotoon Se pyar is lie Karta hun ke un ke gunah mujhse kam hain

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    Jazakallah Khair, nyc sharing
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    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - Man is a wonderful creature; he sees through the layers of fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue).

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks.

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds).

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - Be afraid of a gentleman when he is hungry, and of a mean person when his stomach is full.

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - The best kind of wealth is to give up inordinate desires.

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him.

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

    Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib - Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
    - Be generous but not extravagant, be frugal but not miserly.
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    AY ALLAH PAK, jab maine tujh se nahi manga tab bhi tu ne mujhe ataa kiya ... tou ye kaise mumkin hai k main tujh se mangon or tu ataa na kare

    Agar Tum Seedhay rastay pe ho aur kisi Mushkil ka samna nahe ker rahay to kuch dair k liyay socho k kahin tum kuch ghalt to nahe ker rahay kyon k seedha rasta to mushkilaat se bhar pur hota hy

    Dolat Mitti ki tarhan hy aur mitti ko pair k niche rehna chahyay. Agar Sir pe charhao gay to Qabar Ban jaiy gi Aur Qabar zinda Insano k liye Nhe hoti...
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    Jazakallah Khair...!!!