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  1. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder Staff Member

    Rare Video of Aafia Siddiqui Speech in Houston 1991.
    Topic : "Women in Islam"

  2. Freeda

    Freeda New Member

    Mashallah..She has been a big example for all women in Islam today
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  3. Khudeeja Bashir

    Khudeeja Bashir Popular Pakistani Baby Names Staff

    May Allah (SWT) shower his blessings upon her not only Here but Hereafter :rose:

    A Beautiful Sharing :rose:
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  4. b_turus

    b_turus New Member

  5. Sana Ahamed

    Sana Ahamed Well-Known Pakistani

  6. F

    FRISH ANGELA New Member I Love Reading

    veer sir video tu availabel hi nhi ha
  7. Mishaikh

    Mishaikh Popular Pakistani I Love Reading

    One day HISTORY will CONDEMN US system of justice, and the entire US nation feel shame for this.
    @Veer @Saad Sheikh
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