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    Brief History:

    Rawalpindi, locally known as ‘Pindi’, is Pakistan’s prominent city located near the capital, Islamabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are called Twin Cities. The name ‘Rawalpindi’ means the abode of Rawals. The Rawals, a jogi tribe, founded ‘Rawal’ at the site where Rawal Dam is located. When Jhanda Khan, a Ghakkar Chief , founded a new town nearby, at the site of an old town known as ‘Fatehpur Baori’ he named it ‘Rawalpindi’. In 1765, a Sikh Chief Malik Singh, after a fierce battle with Gakhars, took the control of Rawalpindi. In 1849, Rawalpindi came under the British Raj and the pace of development increased rapidly.

    A collection of images of Rawalpindi , a mix of old and new photos, is presented on this page exclusively for Pindi lovers.

    Fauji Fertiliser Tower, The Mall, Rawalpindi. This newly constructed multi-storied building is just opposite Army Hockey Stadium.


    Army Welfare Trust Plaza, The Mall, Rawalpindi. Army Welfare Trust (AWT) Plaza is located on the Mall Road, Rawalpindi. It houses headquarters of Askari Bank, while offices of other corporate entities of Army Welfare Trust are also located in this building.


    Infantry Officers’ Mess, Rawalpindi Cantt. One can also see the AWT Plaza, The Mall, in the background.


    Night View of KFC and Namak Mandi Restaurant in Saddar. This building is located at the intersection of Murree Road and Adamjee Road in Saddar, Rawalpindi.


    Flashman’s Hotel, The Mall, Rawalpindi


    A Signboard at The Mall Road, Rawalpindi Near Pindi Club & Flashman’s Hotel.Union Bank seen in the photo has since been shifted.


    Intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road in Early 1960s.It is the intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road near GTS Stand (Its building is clearly visible behind Capstan signboard). This photograph has been taken from the Massey Gate side. The Tonga Stand on the left of Capstan signboard is still there but now it is Suzuki Stand. The Esso Petrol Pump is no more there. A tyre repair shop is inits place now.


    Intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road. A mosque has emerged in the corner but GTS Bus Stand and Tonga Stand are still there. Esso petrol pump on the left side has vanished. New high-rise Poonch House building is visible in the background.


    Jinnah Park with Cinepax at the Background


    Pitchers at Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi


    Night View of Cinepax at Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi


    Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium


    Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi (April 2012)


    Committee Chowk, Murree Road. While Committee Chowk underpass was under construction.


    Kamran Market, Saddar, Rawalpindi


    Poonch House. Poonch House is located on Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi Saddar, adjacent to old GTS Bus Stand. It is the property of Government of Azad Kashmir.


    Railway Station, Rawalpindi


    State Life Building, The Mall, Rawalpindi


    Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC), The Mall, Rawalpindi


    “Calcutta House”, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi Cantonment. The building accommodates Ministry of Defence offices.


    A Beautiful Mosque at Gulshan Dadan Khan, Rawalpindi. This mosque is right on the Murree Road at Gulshan Dadan Khanbetween Cricket Stadium and Faizabad.


    Pearl Continental Hotel. Pearl Continental Hotel (formerly Inter Continental Hotel) is located on The Mall Road, Rawalpindi. It is a five star hotel which serves continental and local cuisine.


    Old British Cousulate Building at Rawalpindi. This building was British Consulate on Iftikhar Janjua Road (Old Napier Road) when Rawalpindi was interim capital of the country for ten 10 years 1959-1968. Later this building was named “Fauji Manzil” and hosued a library and some offices of Fauji Foundation. They too have vacated it after construction of Fauji Tower at Tipu Road.


    Old Block of State Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi (Facing The Mall Road). State Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi was shifted to this building on 1st September 1965 (now called as Old Block). Another New Building, adjacent to this building (facing Iftikhar Janjua Road) was constructed in the early 90s. Both the buildings are now in use by the bank.


    New Building of State Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi (Facing Iftikhar Janjua Road). This Building, facing Iftikhar Janjua Road, adjacent to the Old Block, was constructed in the early 90s. Both the buildings are now in use by the bank.


    Yaadgar-e-Shuhada, Rawalpindi.It is located within the boundary walls of GHQ in the memory of all Shaheeds of Pakistan’s Armed Forces. Foreign dignitaries visit this site and lay flower wreaths.


    Army Museum, Rawalpindi


    AFID Building in CMH, Rawalpindi. Photo taken fro Sabza Zaar side.


    Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi Saddar in 1976


    The Mall Road, Rawalpindi. It is a famous road of Rawalpindi, the other prominent road is Murree Road.


    The Mall Road, Rawalpindi in 1976. Both of the buildings, opposite Pindi Club shops, are still in tact.


    An Old Milestone at The Mall Road, Rawalpindi. This old milestone is located on The Mall Road, Rawlpindi, opposite Flashman’s Hotel (near Army Hockey Stadium). Murree Road originates from this very place. The distances on this marker were originally in miles but were later changed to kilometres when Pakistan reverted to the metric system.

    The Mall Road is actually a part of Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road) which is also called ‘Jernaili Sarak’. It was made by Sher Shah Suri and connected Delhi to Kabul. G.T. Road, while passing through Rawalpindi, has three different names; its part from Katchery Chowk to High Court is called Jhelum Road, the portion from Katchery Chowk to MH & AFIC (Military Hospital & Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology) is known as The Mall, and the portion onward towards Kohinoor Mills is called Peshawar Road.


    Milestone on The Mall, Rawalpindi – 1930s. In this photo, the Milestone, opposite the Flashman’s Hotel on The Malll, can be seen from a distance (The Milestone is encircled). This picture was taken around 1930s. One can also see the sign of Murree Road, which originates from The Mall.


    Saint Paul’s Church, The Mall Road, Rawalpindi. Saint Paul’s Church is located in front of Army Hockey Stadium in a corner at the intersection of Mall Road and Murree Road. This elegant building was built in 1908 during British Raj era. Due to its pink colour, on can’t miss it while passing through the Mall.


    Entrance of Chaklala Garrison, Rawalpindi


    Annexe of Mrs. Davies Private Hotel, Rawalpindi, 1983. This picture is from 1983 and shows the front entrance of the annexe of Mrs. Davies Private Hotel. The main part of the Hotel was across the road. This hotel has since long been demolished. Photo by Dr. Asif Javed (USA).


    Chaklala Railway Station, Rawalpindi


    Lal Haveli. The Lal Haveli, located in the bustling centre of Rawalpindi near the famous Raja Bazar, is owned by Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, a politician and former Federal Minister. The Lal Haveli is one of the most visited attractions in Rawalpindi. The magnificent building and the tastefully designed interiors of Lal Haveli attract the attention of tourists.


    Fawara Chowk, Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi


    Ayub Park at Topi Rakh, Rawalpindi


    Ghost House (Bhoot Bangla) in Ayub Park, Rawalpindi


    Ayub Park, Rawalpindi


    Big Coca Cola Bottle in a Lake in Ayub Park, Rawalpindi


    Car Chowk, near Safari Villas-1, Rawalpindi.


    Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. Holy Family Hospital was established in 1927 by the Christian mission of Philadelphia at Murree Road Rawalpindi. It was designed by an Italian architect, prisoner of World War 2.
    The hospital was shifted to the present building in 1946.
    It was taken over by Punjab Government in 1977 and affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical College as a teaching hospital.


    Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi. It is also known as Barani University.


    Fatima Jinnah Women University. Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) is the first Women’s University of Pakistan. It was established on August 6, 1998 in the premises of the Old Presidency, situated at the Mall, Rawalpindi. This Victorian style building was originally built as a residence by two famous Sikh brothers, Mohan Singh and Sohan Singh. It became the Presidency of Pakistan around the mid 1960’s. The first batch of students from FJWU graduated in September 2001.


    Gordon College. Gordon College, Rawalpindi is the oldest college of Rawalpindi. It was established as a Christian school by the Presbyterians in 1893. The college had many learned professors and principals. One of the most popular principals was Dr. Ralph Randles Stewart who died in 1993 at the age of 103. He joined the Gordon College in 1911 to teach elementary Botany and Zoology. He served as Professor in Botany (1917-1960) and Principal of Gordon College from 1934-1954.
    Some famous Gordonians are; Shaukat Aziz (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan), two former Prime Ministers of Azad Kashmir (Ch. Muhammad Sultan and Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan) and Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, a former Federal Minister.


    Another Photo of Gordon College, Rawalpindi


    Stamp Issued on Centenary of Gordon College. Pakistan Post issued a stamp in 1993 on the centenary of Gordon College, Rawalpindi.


    Government College, Asghar Mall. College’s history is very old. It was ‘Sanatan Dharam’ School, established by a Hindu Trust in 1904. The present building shown in this photo was constructed in 1914. After partition, the status of school was raised to status of a college on October 19,1948 and so The
    Government College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi emerged.


    Government College for Women, Satellite Town


    Rawalpindi Medical College, Tipu Road. Established in March 1974 at Faisalabad, the college was shifted to its present premises in November the same year.


    Rawalpindi Medical College, New Teaching Block at Holy Family Hospital


    Army Medical College, Rawalpindi


    Rawalpindi College of Commerce


    FG Sir Syed College, The Mall, Rawalpindi


    Saint Mary’s Academy, Tulsa Road, Lalazar -Photos-An-old-photo-of-Saint-Marys-Academy-Tulsa-Road-Lalazar-Rawalpindi-Pictures-of-Rawalpindi.

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    Odeon Cinema, Rawalpindi. Located near Cantonment Board Office, The Mall Road, Rawalpindi


    Plaza Cinema Rawalpindi. It is across the road from Army Welfare Trust (AWT) Plaza on The Mall Road, Rawalpindi.


    Capital Cinema, Bank Road, Rawalpindi


    Khurshid Cinema, Rawalpindi


    Central Jail Rawalpindi at Adyala, Rawalpindi


    Nicholson’s Obelisk (or ‘Nicholson’s Memorial’), Tarnol, Rawalpindi. It is a monument situated at Tarnol in Margalla Hills close to the twin cities of Rawalpindi–Islamabad en route to the historical town of Taxila. It was erected in 1868 in honour of Brigadier-General John Nicholson, a famous military figure of the British Empire. The granite obelisk, approximately 40 feet (12 m) tall, stands on a rock overlooking the G T Road (Grand Trunk Road). There is also a small memorial fountain at the base of the hillock on which this Memorial stands.


    Hustle Bustle in Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi


    Shezan Restaurant, Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi-1960s. Shezan Restaurant used to be opposite GPO in Saddar. It sold yummy chicken patties.


    A Road in Saddar-1964/65. Intersection of Kashmir Road and Haider Road, Rawalpindi, with American Centre on the right?


    Drug Store, Saddar, Rawalpindi. This is 1960s photo of Drug Store which was located at the intersection of Haider Road and Kashmir Road. Walji’s Stop was next to it where one could board on a VW microbus for going to Islamabad. Its no more there. Now a mattress shop exists in its place. Photo contributed by Shaban Malik.


    Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi-1960s. It is the intersection of Bank Road and Kashmir Road. Kwangson & Co Footwear signboard is clearly visible. The Chinese owner of the shop used to make flying shoes of Aviation pilots serving in Dhamial Camp.


    Double Decker Bus at Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi- 1963. Photo contributed by Lt Gen Tahir Mahmud Qazi. He took this photo in 1963 with his 120 mm Box Kodak camera which was gifted by his elder brother who was a doctor in Saudi Arabia.


    The Commissioner’s House, Rawalpindi in early 1960s. Photo from the album of Syed Ghiasuddin Ahmed who was Commissioner Rawalpindi in early 1960s (Courtesy Syed Ali Hamid).


    The Bridge Over Leh Nullah, Rawalpindi in early 1960s. This bridge is near Mureer Chowk on the Murree Road. The size of the bridge at that time speaks volumes about the planners of the 1960s. Photo from the album of Syed Ghiasuddin Ahmed who was Commissioner Rawalpindi in early 1960s (Courtesy Syed Ali Hamid).


    Parade of Pakistani Security Guard at Rawalpindi- December 1947. (Photo Courtesy Life Magazine). Members of the newly formed Pakistani Security Guard marching past troops of the regular Pakistani Army during parade review for Quaid-e-Azam, who did not attend due to illness. Spire of Saint Paul’s Church, located in in a corner at the intersection of The Mall Road and Murree Road, is also visible at the background.


    Pakistan Army Soldiers in Rawalpindi, December 1947. Members of the Pakistani regular Army raising their left hand in answer to the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad” during parade review for Quaid-e-Azam who did not attend due to illness, but was replaced by the Minister of Refugees. (Photo Courtesy Life Magazine)


    Saddar, Rawalpindi (Intersection of Kashmir Road and Bank Road), 1945-46. The photo shows “Travelers Corner” at the corner and the Chinese shoes shop “Kwangson & Co” and “Nawal Kishore Store” on Kashmir Road.
    If you see a black & white photo of 1960s (intersection of Bank Road and Kashmir Road) in this page, it also shows “Kwangson & Co”. However, the ”Travelers Corner” has been closed since long.


    Fawara Chowk-1940s. This picture was taken in 1940s and shows Fawara Chowk, near Raja Bazar. The photo is taken from the Raja Bazar side. The Tonga stand, seen in the foreground, is no more there.


    Queeen Victoria’s Statue, Rawalpindi-1939. Queen Victoria’s Statue was sculpted in England and placed in Rawalpindi during British Raj. It was there in front of Army Stadium Gate No. 1. It was later removed and shifted to British High Commission in 1957.


    Rawalpindi Central Jail in 1920s. The jail is now shifted near Adyala village and a Park (Jinnah Park) has been established at its old site.


    Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi in 1920s


    Lalkurti (Red Shirt) Bazaar, Rawalpindi, 1920s. The name Lal Kurti (Red Shirt) has been derived from the red-coloured dress worn by the troops of the Royal British Indian Army. The Lal Kurti Bazaar was formerly known as B I Bazaar (British Infantry Bazaar).


    A Rare Photo of The Mall Road, 1915


    British Cavalry Barracks, Westridge, Rawalpindi, 1910


    Saddar Bazar, Rawalpindi-1910. This photo was taken from the top of the Massey Gate. Haathi Chowk can also be seen at the end of the road.


    Another Rare Postcard Painting of Saddar Bazar Rawalpindi


    Motor Show held at Viceroy’s Body Guards Polo Ground at Rawalpindi- 1907. Natives called the motors as Shutar-e-Bay Mohar. They also called them Shaitani Charkaha.


    Rawalpindi Manoeuvres during British Rule in 1905 . The Rawalpindi Manoeuvres were held near Taxila.


    Lockhart’s Memorial, Rawalpindi- 1900. General Sir William Stephen Alexander Lockhart was a British Army officer. He was Commander-in-Chief, India. He died of malaria whilst serving in office in Calcutta on March 18, 1900. Soldiers and their families paid for the construction of an obelisk in a Park on Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi. It is now called Roomi Park and located near AFIC, opposite MH (Military Hospital). The Memorial is still in tact but the cannon is not there.


    The Mall Road, Rawalpindi-1890


    A Rare Painting of Pindi Club on a Postcard


    Rare Picture of Rawalpindi Club, The Mall, 1890s. The verandahon the left side has now been covered and converted into a small library and a Barbar Shop for the Club members.


    A Very Rare Photo of West Ridge, Rawalpindi


    Massey Gate, Saddar, Rawalpindi. Jain Public Library was on the top of this gate. Probably present day Indus Automobiles shop is at the place of Massey Gate. The street has been renamed as Adamjee Road.


    Another Rare Photo of Massey Gate Street, Rawalpindi


    A Rare Photo of Massey Gate Street, Rawalpindi.


    Rawalpindi Railway Station-1885


    An Extremely Rare Photo of Rawalpindi Railway Station, 1884


    Rare Photo of Rawalpindi in 1884. 2nd Cheshire Regiment at Rawalpindi Camp, 15th February 1884.


    Rare Photo of a Street in Rawalpindi in 1883


    An Old Photo of Pindi Club – 1877. Photo shows Out gate of Pindi Club which was on Canning Road, while the main entrance was from The Mall Road. Now the main entrance is from the Canning Road and the view of The Mall Road has been blocked by the construction of Plazas.


    Sardar Sujjan Singh’s Haveli, Rawalpindi. Located at a walking distance from Raja Bazar. This haveli was a grand palace. This haveli’s present dilapidated condition can be seen in the next photo.


    Sardar Sujjan Singh’s Haveli in a Dilapidated Condition. Due to the criminal neglect by the City District Government Rawalpindi, Sardar Sujjan Singh’s haveli is fast turning into ruins. We have simply no sense of preserving our heritage.


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