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  1. rubPzai

    rubPzai Popular Pakistani

    Roze, nafal, namaazaan, taqwaa, Sabbho kamm hairaanee hoo

    Inheen galleen Rabb haasil naaheen, Khud khwaanee khud daanee hoo

    Qadeem hamesh jalendaa milio, So yaar yaar na jaanee hoo

    Virad vazeefe theen chhut raihsee, Baahoo hosee jad faanee hoo


    Fasting, prayers and rites of abstinence Only end in confusion.

    God is not found through such means; These are all but acts of vanity and self-promotion!

    You have failed to recognize the beloved Friend Who always lives within you.

    You will save yourself from rites and rituals, O Bahu, when you lose your being in God.