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    Dear Members, plz read before posting:- Rules and Policies​

    Asalaam O Alikum (Peace be unto you!)
    and greetings to all our members,
    Please take the time to look over our Forum Rules before posting:

    Members we need your help to build a Muslim community that supports each other, and promotes the Islamic image..
    The purpose of this forum is to educate non-Muslims and Muslims about Islam and its tenets.


    1. Adhere to correct Islamic Adab (etiquettes) while discussing or debating issues

    2. Any abuse of the forums in any way will not be toloerated

    3. Do not post anything that may incriminate you for ‘glorifying’ or ‘inciting terrorism’. Links to Jihad videos and other such sites will be removed. As a rule, you may discuss theoretical aspects in theological terms without specifying place or time.

    4. Duplications of a post are not allowed. If duplications are found, all such posts found in the less appropriate forums/threads will be merged.

    5. Try not to flood the board by pasting long articles, and instead write your arguments yourself. Excessive copying and pasting of long articles without a good reason may lead to deletion of your posts.

    6. Submit your posts under appropriate forums/threads. The moderators have the right to move your post to an appropriate section.

    7. Any thread or post that is simply a link will be candidate for immediate deletion. Include a small description of or excerpt from the link.

    8. Off topic and pointless posts are subject to deletion.

    9. A thread may be deleted upon request by the starter of the thread, however, it still rests on the discretion of moderators. Only rare exceptions will be granted, so please think before you post.

    The moderators may innocently overlook some violations as they may fall into some themselves. We are not perfect, so please be pateint with us and point out the oversight tactfully.