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  • Sabahat fiaz

Ruth Pfau: Ambassador of harmony

Discussion in 'Pakistan Ki Awaz' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Emma Dil, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Emma Dil

    Emma Dil Super Star Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff Baby Names Staff

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  2. Sohaib.Ali.Sid

    Sohaib.Ali.Sid Well-Known Pakistani

    A great piece...... make sure to read it all....... anyone who is reading this.... great share. Allah himself says in the Qur'an: He does not change the condition of a people if they do not change themselves"........ Waisay bhi, agar zindagi ki daur mein koi kam mehnat karnay wala aap se agay guzar jaye to kaisa lagta hai....:mad:..... to phir baghair kisi amal ke behtari ki tawaqqo karna sarasar na insafi hai hmare apnay saath......... this example should definitely be quoted in our children's textbooks to make many more Dr. Rooths....... :)
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  3. Sohaib.Ali.Sid

    Sohaib.Ali.Sid Well-Known Pakistani

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