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    Sabz Qadam aur Hari Churiyan (سبز قدم اور ہری چوڑیاں) is a social reforming Urdu novel

    Pakistani Urdu novelist Komal Ahmed has written Sabz Qadam Aur Hari Churiyan novel exclusively for Pakistan.web.pk & Readers.pk only. We have edited, designed and uploaded the novel in high quality images for online reading pleasure. Here we recommend you all to read its episode #6 online on Readers.pk. Hope you will enjoy reading this episode.

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    Read online link:
    سبز قدم ہری چوڑیاں آخری قسط یہاں سے پڑھیں
    اب تک شائع شدہ اقساط کے لنک

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