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  1. Falak

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    Saif-ul-Malook | Mian Muhammad Baksh -8/8

    Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”.
    English translation

    Ehnaa galan theen keeh labhdaa eyb kisey da karnaa,
    Aapna aap sanbhaal Muhammad jo karna so bharnaa.

    What do we gain by back-biting?
    Save yourself O Muhammad! for as you sow, so shall you reap.


    Wali Allah dey mardey nahi kardey parda poshi,

    Kee hoya jey dunyaa uton tur gaye naal khamoshi.
    The saints (favorites of Allah) do not die, they just hide behind the veil,

    So what if they leave the world silently?

    Fazal kareyn tey bakhshey jaawan meyn jeay moonh kaley,

    Adal kareyn tey thar thar kamban ucheyaan shaanaan waley.
    God! if you show mercy, sinners like me will be absolved.

    If you perform justice, even people of pomp and show will tremble in fear.

    Aai jaan shikanjey ander jeyon welan wich ganna,

    Roh noo keh hun reh Muhammad jey rahwey tey mannaa.
    Life is trapped n agonies like sugarcane in the crushing roller,

    O Muhammad! in this condition it is impossible for the juice to withhold.

    Lakh hazar bahar husan dee khako wich samanee,

    Laa paree ajehe Muhammad! jag wich rahey kahane.
    A million springs of beauty will dissolve into dust,

    O Muhammad! love in such a manner that you are remembered for ever.

    Kandey sakht gulaban waaley doroon weykh na daryey,
    Chobhaan jhaley rat chawayey jhol phuleen tadh bharye.
    Don’t watch the thorns of roses fearfully from afar,
    Unless you endure being pricked and bleeding you cannot fill your pouch with flowers.

    Kaley pathar ghupey sardey, ander kan Badakhshan,
    Eyhaan wichon laal banaaey, be-behaa darkhshaan.
    The black stone of Badakhshan(Afghanistan) mines burn in the sun,
    As a result, many of such stones turn into shining and precious diamonds.

    Dhondhaan waaley murran na khali, khud hazrat farmanwey,
    Wekhaan saif malookey walon jo lorey so paway.
    The seekers never return empty handed, says Hazrat,
    Look at Saif-ul-Malook, he gets whatever he seeks.

    Dhoondaan wala rehya na khal, dhondh keti jis sache,
    Dhoond kareyndajo murr aaya, dhoondh ohdey ey kachee.
    A true seeker ill never remain empty-handed,
    His search was halfhearted if he return empty-handed.

    Kujh wasaah na saah aey da man kehyaa fer karnaa,
    Jis jusey noon chhand chhand rakhey khaak ander wanj dharnaa.
    Do not be proud because the breath may or may not come,
    The body, which you keep so clean from the dust,
    ultimately has to dissolve into dust.

    Moti kad miley murr sipaan wanj peyay wich lryaan,
    Dgyan phalyaan khako ralyaan fer rukheen kad chatyaan.
    When pearls are thread, they never return to their shes.
    As pods fallen into the dust never climb back to the tree.

    Kaale ik ik wicharr chaly gorey khat liyeaey,
    Banho bhaar tiyaar safar da kooch sunehey aaey.
    On by one my black hairs started leaving me,
    Grey hair has brought me the message to pack up
    and prepare for the eternal journey.

    Izrail farishta aaya ley ley hukm janaabi,
    Parrhyaa shah da kalmaa ditee jaan shataabe.
    Izrael (the Angel of Death) brought the divine command,
    Shah (father of prince) recited words of true love (Ishq) and instantly gave away his life

    Uddaya bhor asmaaney charrhyaa, aeyos bo bahishtee,
    Gaya malaah Muhammad Baksha chorr shakatee khahtee.
    The big black wasp (soul) flew towards the heaven and
    to felt the departed leaving behind his worn out boat.
    (Boatman is a soul and the worn out or broken boat i the body)

    Hud hud chut gaya is qeydoon chhik lagee sarkaari,
    Shehr saba noon hoyaa rawaanah kar k teyz uddaree.
    The wood-pecker was freed from this prison because the call came from Al-mighty,
    He flew swiftly to the city of Saba.
    The human body is the cage for the soul (Bird)

    Duniyaa naal na gayee kisey dey ur Tur gaey akaley,
    Oh bhaley jehnaan chhand rakhey is dhoorroon hath paley.
    Worldly wealth does not accompany any one ti the world to come,
    Those who get rid of this dust and keep their hands and cloth clean are better than others.

    Danishmandaan da kaam naaheen dunyaa tey dil laana,
    Is wohttee lakh khaawand keetey, jo keta so khaana.
    It does not behoove the wise to love this world,
    This bride is not loyal to anyone,

    sje married millions of husbands and devoured each and every one.

    Jis chhadee eyh bachey khaan soyo sugharr seyanaa,
    Eysee ddaien naal Muhammad kaahnoon aqad nabhaanaa.​

    Anyone who divorces this child-eater is really wise,

    O Muhammad! why should one keep in wedlock such a vampire.

    Duniyaa utey kaoon aman wich, har koe dukhyaraa,
    Bewafaa sanar Muhammad, thag bazaaree bharaa.
    Who is at peace here? Everyone is grieved,
    O Muhammad! this unfaithful world is a big racketeer.

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    Sufiana kalam hai.
    Thanks @Falak
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    Fantastic ...:thumbs up:
    Good Job.....:)
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    Thanks for sharing sis!
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