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  1. komal kaju

    komal kaju Popular Pakistani

  2. komal kaju

    komal kaju Popular Pakistani

  3. M Shah

    M Shah Account Closed

    oh the last lines ...:( ...quite right the dooms day has coming so fast as OUR PROPHET described the end times in this way that "harj" will increase ..means murdering will increase ..v shud dhikar of astaghfirullah more ..
    bashar ul asad ne to zulm ki inteha kardi ..firon ka baita ..!
  4. Ana Zai

    Ana Zai Super Star Pakistani

    Really Qayamat k bht sy signs complete ho chukay hain
    & My fav Orya Maqbool Jan k columns mai kbhi miss nhi krti
    JazakAllah @komal kaju
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  5. inaya

    inaya Popular Pakistani

    V nice komal.Oriya maqbul jan maray fav writer hay.
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  6. Noor-e-Kainat

    Noor-e-Kainat Account Closed

    informative one
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  7. MdUmair2017

    MdUmair2017 New Member

    Lol, what an idiot. Basically he supports ISIS and wants Assad to leave the country and let Saudi and west backed ISIS to takeover just like how other terrorists took over Iraq and Libya after their regimes were changed. Stupid retard.