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Sheikh Chilli (character)

Discussion in 'Teens & Kids Forum' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Falak, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Falak

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    Sufi Saint Sheikh Chilli, also known as Sufi Abd-ur-Razak; popularly known by the name of Sheikh Chilli, was a Qadiriyya Sufi, he was known for his wisdom and generosity.He was the master of Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh (A.D. 1650) the elder son of emperor Shah Jahan.Many people consider him as a grea darwesh. There is a Sheikh Chilli's Tomb located in Thanesar, Haryana, India, in Kurukshetra.



    Sheikh Chilli, a famous character among children in the subcontinent of India, is notorious for his follies and simplicity. Quality that was attributed to Sheikh Chilli's character was, that he never cared about laws of nature. He built castles in the air and in his imagination established great businesses, empires, became a prince, married a princes-and in the end of the story the castle in the air vanished and Sheikh Chilli found him surrounded by the people laughing at him.

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